Honorary Board

Part of our credibility has come from our Honorary Board groups below, whose names alone have fostered respect and belief in the Foundation's guiding principles. We sincerely appreciate the benefit that their name and work has given to us.

The Honorary Board consists of former Board Directors.

John F. Bankes
Raffi Cavoukian
Wade Davis, PhD
Irving Fox
Stephanie Green
John Lefebvre
David Miller
Tony Pearse
Mike Robinson
Peter Steele
George Stroumboulopoulos
Peter Victor

Friends of David Suzuki

Friends of David Suzuki consists of people that are recognized as well regarded and have provided eminent service (leadership, outstanding achievements, recognition obtained) allied with the environmental and science fields as well as bring credibility to David Suzuki Foundation.

Margaret Atwood
Robert Bateman
James Burke
Paul Ehrlich, PhD
Peter Garrett
Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Roddick
E.O. Wilson, PhD