Peter Robinson — (604) 732-4228 ×1284
Chief Executive Officer

Peter RobinsonPeter Robinson brings a diverse background spanning four decades in business, government and the not-for-profit sectors. He began his career working as a park ranger in wilderness areas throughout British Columbia, where he was decorated for bravery by the Governor General of Canada. After his park career, he worked at BC Housing, a provincial crown corporation, eventually becoming their CEO. Before joining us in January of 2008, he was the CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op, the country's largest outdoor equipment retailer. During his eight year career at MEC, he led the organization through a period of sustained sales and membership growth across Canada. Since joining the David Suzuki Foundation, Peter has also been appointed a member of the Province of British Columbia's Climate Action Team and the Ontario Premier's Climate Change Advisory Panel.

Peter has a long history of volunteer and humanitarian work, including monitoring prison conditions with the International Red Cross in Rwanda and leading a team that monitored detained asylum seekers in British Columbia. He has served as the Chair of the Board of Governors and the Chancellor of Royal Roads University in Victoria, and with the Board of Governors of the Canadian Red Cross Society. More recently, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Imagine Canada, a national organization that supports charities across the country.

In his spare time, Peter can be found hiking in the Coast Mountains or kayaking among the Gulf Islands.

Cecilia Reyes — (604) 732-4228 ×1218
Planning & Operations Manager

Pearly Kheriwal — (604) 732-4228 ×1217
Board Manager

Brenda Tombs — (604) 732-4228 ×1277
Executive Coordinator

Andrea Seale — (604) 732-4228 ×1276
Director, Development & Strategic Partnerships

AndreaSeale2010.JPGAndrea is dedicated to engaging Canadians in a deeper understanding of environmental issues and inspiring them to create a sustainable future. Andrea joined the Foundation in 2010, following of decade of consulting with Blueprint Fundraising and Communications where she worked with leading nonprofit organizations to build loyal communities of supporters and communicate campaigns with flair. Andrea has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications from McGill University and a Diploma in Public Relations from Mount Royal University. She has taught nonprofit management, communications and donor development to hundreds of organizations. As a volunteer, she has served on the board of Modo (a pioneering car sharing co-operative) and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, has chaired National Philanthropy Day celebrations, and currently serves on the board of the Vancity Community Foundation.

Development & Strategic Partnerships

Jeremy Douglas — (604) 732-4228 ×1232
Associate Director, Leadership Giving

Jennifer Basso — (416) 348-8855 ×1570
Development Officer, Business Partnerships

Laurel Giguere — (604) 732-4228 ×1500
Development Coordinator

Lorena Harrison — (604) 732-4228 ×1272
Development Coordinator

Nina Legac — (604) 732-4228 ×1256
Development Manager, Community Giving

James Luxton — (604) 732-4228
Development Officer, Leadership Giving

Kathrin Majic — (on leave)
Manager, Leadership Giving, Ontario Region

Akua Schatz 604-732-4228 ×1270
Associate Director, Community Giving

Derek Schlereth — (604) 732-4228 ×1216
Senior Development Coordinator

Malcolm Trevena — (604) 732-4228
Development Coordinator, Database Administration

Chris Yakimov — (604) 732-4228 ×1214
Online Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator

Michiah Prull — (604) 732-4228
Director, Communications and Public Engagement

michiah2.jpgMichiah leads the Communications and Public Engagement department and is deeply committed to authentic and inclusive engagement with Canadians to inspire action on the environmental and social issues that affect them most. Previously, Michiah worked as a Regional Field Director for the Obama 2012 campaign in Florida and oversaw voter engagement in one of the most contested areas of the country. Before joining the campaign, he worked as a member of the Public Engagement team at the David Suzuki Foundation and volunteered for several Vancouver non-profits, including as the President of the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation. Michiah also served on the 2008 Obama campaign following several years of leading sustainable community development projects on four continents.

Communications and Public Engagement

Sarah Hall — (604) 732-4228 ×1212
Manager, Digital Strategy

Ian Hanington — (604) 732-4228 ×1238
Manager, Communications

Nina Winham — (604) 732-4228 ×1226
Manager, Public Engagement

Jill Morton — (604) 732-4228 ×1227

Alaya Boisvert — (604) 732-4228 ×1263
Project Lead, Right to a Healthy Environment

Beth Breisnes — (604) 732-4228 ×1261
Salesforce Administrator

Jess Clausen
Curriculum/Public Engagement Specialist

Lindsay Coulter
Public Engagement Specialist

Rachelle Delaney — (604) 732-4228 ×1231
Project Lead: Connecting Youth with Nature

Panos Grames — (604) 732-4228 ×1244
Communications Specialist

Winnie Hwo — (604) 732-4228 ×1255
Public Engagement Specialist

Harpreet Johal — (604) 732-4228 ×1283
Public Engagement Specialist

Ian Knauer — (604) 732-4228 ×1278
Web Strategy Coordinator

Sophika Kostyniuk — (604) 732-4228 ×1286
National Organzing Manager

Gail Mainster — (604) 732-4228 ×1240
Communications Specialist

Tovah Paglaro — (604) 732-4228 ×1264
Public Engagement Specialist

Jennifer Rodriguez
Public Information and Volunteer Coordinator

Jodi Stark — (604) 732-4228 ×1230
Public Engagement Specialist

Kim Vickers — (604) 732-4228 ×1243
Public Information and Volunteer Coordinator

Nadege Vince — (604) 732-4228 ×1261
Digital Strategy Coordinator

Janice Williams — (604) 732-4228 ×1237
Archives Coordinator

Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Karel Mayrand — (514) 871-4932 ×1451
Directeur Général pour le Québec

Karel MayrandKarel Mayrand is Director général for Quebec at the David Suzuki Foundation and a member of the organisation's management team. Before joining the Foundation, he was co-founder of Unisfera International Centre, a sustainability think-tank, where he created Planetair, a leading Canadian provider of carbon offsets and climate solutions. In the past twelve years, Karel has advised various United Nations agencies on sustainability issues, as well as Pierre Marc Johnson, former Premier of Quebec, on globalization and sustainability. He is regularly invited to comment environmental issues in the media. Karel is co-author of Governing Global Desertification, published in 2006 by Ashgate Aldershot (London). He is an Action Canada fellow (2005) and was finalist in 2008 for the Arista Prize as Social entrepreneur of the year in Quebec.

Catherine Orer
Directrice des communications — Québec (en congé de maternité)

Manon Dubois Crôteau — (514) 871-4932 poste: 1453 — Cell: (514) 679-0821
Directrice des communications par intérim — 

Nadine Légaré — (514) 871-4932 poste: 1455 — Cell: (438) 580-6584
Spécialiste des communications — Québec

Raïssa Épale — (514) 871-4932 poste: 1464
Spécialiste de l'engagement du public — Québec

Lisa Gue — (en congé de maternité)
Analyste des politiques en santé environnementale

Jean-Patrick Toussaint — (514) 871-4932 poste: 1454
Chef projets scientifiques — Québec

Yves Mehe — (514) 871-4932 poste: 1457
Coordonnateur aux opérations — Québec

Science and Policy

Mara Kerry — (604) 732-4228 ×1236
Director, Science and Policy

Mara KerryMara leads the national science and policy team, which guides national conservation and sustainable development initiatives while advising and supporting the regional teams. Prior to joining the Foundation, Mara was the Director of Conservation at Nature Canada, where she established an international program to advance the conservation of migratory birds in the Americas. She also worked with Environment Canada's Environmental Adaptation Research Group on climate change and extreme weather events and with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation on the development of protocols to eliminate or reduce the use of persistent organic pollutants. Mara obtained a B.Sc. in International Development Studies and a graduate degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Toronto. She is passionate about the interface between conservation and development.

Ian Bruce — (604) 732-4228 ×1275
Manager, Science and Policy

Tyler Bryant — (604) 732-4228 ×1292
Energy Policy Analyst

Ryan Kadowaki — (604) 732-4228 ×1257
Senior Program Coordinator

Michelle Molnar — (604) 732-4228 ×1259
Environmental Economist

Scott Wallace — (604) 732-4228 ×1242
Senior Research Scientist

John Werring — (604) 732-4228 ×1245
Senior Science and Policy Advisor

Jeffery Young — (604) 732-4228 ×1225
Senior Science and Policy Advisor

Lisa Gue (on leave)
Environmental Health Policy Analyst

Finance and Technology

Vic Johnston — (604) 732-4228 ×1262
Director, Finance & Technology

(5) Vic JohnstonVic brings the senior level of experience in finance, technology, and partnership management that we envisioned when we first defined this new role. Most recently he was the VP, Business Administration with the Vancouver Convention Centre. Prior to that, he was Director, Operations and Finance with Information Technology Services at UBC. Vic's strategic technology leadership in this role supported UBC through numerous operations and technology renewal programs. Vic also spent seven years with BC Gas as the Manager, Financial Performance Accounting in the 1990s, so he knows what it means to roll up his sleeves to do the accounting and financial reporting that supports effective organizational decisions.

Calvin Jang — (604) 732-4228 ×1253
Project Manager, Strategic IT

Paul Lingl — (604) 732-4228 ×1233
Administration Manager

Kim Lai — (604) 732-4228 ×1258
Accounting Coordinator, Payroll/Benefits

Cecilia Wong — (604) 732-4228 ×1249
Accounting Coordinator, Accounts

Ian Arbuckle — (604) 732-4228 ×1273
Financial Analyst, Reporting/Budgeting

Western Canada

Jay Ritchlin — (604) 732-4228 ×1234
Director General, Western Canada

Jay RitchlinJay leads the Western Canada team in its efforts to achieve sustainable practices in the western provinces. He has a biology degree from Kenyon College in the U.S. and over 15 years experience working on solutions to environmental challenges. Before becoming Director, Jay led the Foundation's aquaculture and offshore oil and gas campaigns and shared responsibilities on marine fisheries and sustainable seafood campaigns. Prior to that, Jay worked on pulp, paper and toxics issues in Canada and the U.S. and spent four years working in commercial fisheries. He has also worked in the U.S. Congress on foreign policy and military issues and spent several years working with Greenpeace in the U.S. and Canada.

Bill Wareham — (on leave)
Science Manager

Francis Brady — (604) 732-4228 ×1241
Program Coordinator

Theresa Beer
Communications Specialist — (604) 732-4228 ×1239

Karianne Blank — (604) 732-4228 ×1247
Online Communications Specialist

Ontario and Northern Canada

Dr. Faisal Moola. PhD — (416) 348-9885 ×1571
Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada

Faisal MoolaFaisal is an adjunct professor in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Forestry, and regularly has his work published in books and journals on ecology, conservation biology and environmental policy. For the past decade he has led a team of Foundation scientists, analysts and campaigners focused on the protection of Canada's wild spaces and wildlife such as grizzly bears and caribou. Faisal has been at the forefront of some of Canada's most iconic environmental battles, including successful efforts to permanently protect B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest, the protection of endangered wildlife under law, and the establishment of Canada's first urban National Park, on the edge of Toronto. After several years on the west coast, Faisal has returned to the Greater Toronto Area, where he spends as much time as possible rambling across the remaining fields, farms and forests with his children.

Jode Roberts — (416) 348-9885 ×1573
Communications Specialist

Aryne Sheppard — (416) 348-9885 ×1574
Senior Public Engagement Specialist

Amy Hu — (416) 348-9885 ×1572
Operations Manager, Ontario and Northern Canada

Kiruthiha Kulendiren — (604) 732-4228 ×1575
Senior Science & Policy Advisor

Rachel Plotkin — (416) 348-9885, x 1582
Ontario Science Projects Manager

Chris de Paul — (416) 348-9885 ×1581
Digital Strategy Coordinator

Catherine Gordon — (604) 732-4228
Director, Human Resources

Catherine GordonCatherine leads initiatives to ensure that the David Suzuki Foundation has the people and roles it needs to achieve its goals. Our employees are highly motivated, talented and professional individuals who deserve the organization's support to thrive here. Catherine works to articulate that support through a talent management strategy that is aligned with our long term direction. Originally from Northern Ireland, Catherine moved to London, U.K. after graduation and emigrated to Vancouver in 2005. Catherine has worked in an HR capacity in numerous sectors and organizations throughout her career which have included law firms, charity, technology and a regulatory body before joining the David Suzuki Foundation. She continues to pursue further education and currently has the CHRP designation and a Strategic HR Practices certificate from Cornell University.