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The end of coal in Canada?

November 25, 2015 | Leave a comment
Photo: The end of coal in Canada?

(Credit: machinecodeblue via Flickr)

By Gideon Forman, Climate Change and Transportation Policy Analyst

In 2010, in an inspiring piece in the New York Times Magazine, "Building a Green Economy", Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote, "whatever else we do, we have to shut down coal burning over the next couple decades." Who would have predicted that just five years later Canada would be on its way to meeting his ambitious target?

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Biking and walking in the city

November 23, 2015 | Leave a comment
Photo: Biking and walking in the city

(Credit: eric robinson via Flickr)

By Sherry Biscope, Health policy specialist, Toronto Public Health & Kelly Sabaliauskas, Health research specialist, Toronto Public Health

Most Ontarians live in cities and one of the ways to support good physical, mental and social health is to build healthy cities. How cities are organized affects individuals' ability to be active physically, economically, or socially. Making active transportation the safe and easy choice can also affect air quality and contribute to lowering the burden of illness associated with airborne pollution.

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Winds of change blow across the Prairies

November 19, 2015 | Leave a comment
Photo: Winds of change blow across the Prairies

(Credit: Anthony Quintano via Flickr)

By Kyle Aben, Climate and Clean Energy Policy Analyst

Just three years ago, the David Suzuki Foundation produced All over the map 2012: A comparison of provincial climate change plans. The report found Saskatchewan was the largest per capita producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. "It is difficult to image a province taking the threats of climate change less seriously," it pointed out. Fortunately, this statement can no longer be made about the province known for its CFL football fans, Gordie Howe and strong community spirit.

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24 Hours of Climate Reality: The world is watching, and you can too

November 11, 2015 | Leave a comment

By Steve Kux, Climate and Clean Energy Communications and Research Specialist

On November 13 and 14, musicians, entertainers, climate experts and activists will come together to build momentum for strong action at the upcoming United Nation climate summit in Paris. The event, 24 Hours of Climate Reality and Live Earth: The World Is Watching, will be hosted by Climate Reality Project chair and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore. Broadcasts start at 6 p.m. Central European Time and continue around the clock for 24 hours. The program will highlight eight nations that can play a pivotal role in the upcoming UN negotiations: China, India, Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, U.S. and Canada. This historic event will bring millions of global citizens together to call on world leaders at the UN climate talks in Paris to take substantial steps with defined actions to solve the climate crisis.

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Toronto cross-town bike lane could be a game-changer

November 2, 2015 | Leave a comment
Photo: Toronto cross-town bike lane could be a game-changer

(Credit: Second Avenue Protected Bike Lane via Flickr)

By Gideon Forman, Science and Policy Analyst and Jared Kolb, Executive Director, Cycle Toronto

During the recent federal election, a candidate distributed flyers promising that, if elected, her party would make "historic investments in infrastructure".

"Infrastructure" can mean almost anything, of course, but after this vague language the flyer offered something concrete: "This means building cycling lanes and better public transit."

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