If an animated character can call the Prime Minister, you can too. When we call on our community to send in their stories and ideas, we never know what you'll come back with. But there are consistent elements: you know your stuff, you're passionate, and you're creative.

Right now, we're asking Canadians to call the Prime Minister about the upcoming UN climate summit in Copenhagen. Since we launched our website and the video campaign last week, we've received a pile of cool videos: a Canadian living in England that wants Canada to set targets that match the UK; an elder who sees the impacts of climate change hitting the next generation the hardest; and an animated character who upstages his internet-surfing human counterpart by calling the Prime Minister's office. These videos aren't gripes and attacks — they're genuine requests for Canada to support a global solution to climate change. And that's what needs to happen. Make your call before Nov. 19th

November 11, 2009

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