By Aryne Sheppard, Manager of Community Leadership

The David Suzuki Foundation's current book club selection is called Climate Cover-Up. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand why, despite profound scientific consensus, the reality of climate change is still up for debate.

climate_coverup_sm.jpgYou can read the first chapter to learn how the climate debate is a public relations creation.

In the chapters that follow, Jim Hoggan (with journalist Richard Littlemore) explores how individuals, organizations, and industries with vested interests have worked to create the bogus controversy around global warming.

Here are some Canadian facts you should know:

  • Canadian oil and gas companies siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars to a climate change denial campaign through both the Calgary Foundation and the University of Calgary to hide the corporate connection to an Astroturf (fake grassroots) organization called the Friends of Science.
  • When a flock of birds landed — and died — in an Alberta tar sands tailing pond, the oil companies insisted it was the only such incident, a claim undermined by company policies to fence and patrol its property, preventing access from environmental observers and academics working to study the devastated landscape.
  • When an Alberta doctor diagnosed the breakout of a rare cancer in a downstream community, the Alberta government dismissed the report out of hand.
  • And as negative stories began to take hold, the Alberta government continued to ignore both the duck deaths and cancer rates, choosing instead to add $25 million to its budget to pursue a public relations campaign arguing that the tar sands are environmentally benign.

Please take the time to read Climate Cover-Up seriously and thoughtfully, and then pass it on. As Canadian citizens, it is our responsibility to understand where our true interests lie.

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December 18, 2009

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Feb 21, 2011
1:35 AM

This book is one way of awakening the reality of Climate Change. We need to settle best resources to do something restoring our Mother Nature’s best

Dec 11, 2010
6:31 PM

Aryne, Can you tell me how your Canadian facts have anything to do with Climate Change? I agree that the world climate is changing but I don’t believe that it is caused by humans. Is it not true that 95% of the greenhouse gases that keep our earth warm are made up of water vapour. This leaves 5% for other gases of which CO2 is one of them. Nature produces half of this CO2 and man the other half. So man produces 2.5% of all greenhouse gases and if he was to stop that would change the weather? I wonder how the glaciers that covered the earth during the great ice age ever melted without man? But they did and they will continue to melt as they did before with or without the influence of humans. What we should be concentrating on is how can we cope with these inevitable weather changes. And don’t get me started on carbon trading, that is a total joke inspired by the rich to keep them rich. How does buying credits save the world? Look and see who owns these carbon trading companies and you will see the pattern. Get people worked up about climate change and then get rich trading carbon credits around the world in the guise that this will make everything good again.

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