Photo: It's election time, Ontario! Power your vote today.

By Jode Roberts, Communications

Ontario's election is beginning, and the future of the province's clean energy economy is at stake. You can help by taking the Power Your Vote pledge today.

Thanks to Ontario's world-class Green Energy Act, in only two years the private sector has invested billions of dollars and created thousands of new, good-paying jobs.

Ontario now is home to some of the most exciting clean energy projects in the world, like the world's largest solar photovoltaic farm in Sarnia and Canada's largest rooftop solar installation in Windsor. The province has gone from having 10 wind turbines in 2003 to more than 900 turbines and counting. And people who used to work at automotive plants are now building solar panels and turbines. This is today, and this is Ontario's future.

Yet just as new opportunities and new hope is building for Ontario, some candidates are threatening to rip up the Green Energy Act. Scrapping this important legislation now would not only kill jobs and stall innovation; it would increase our dependence on dirty energy sources that cost us dearly by contributing to childhood asthma, lung disease and thousands of premature deaths.

This is why we need voters to tell their local candidates that we want Ontario to have a brighter future this election.

We want to continue building an innovative economy for the 21st century. We want Ontario to be a major international player in the trillion-dollar clean energy revolution sweeping the globe. We don't want to fall behind because of shortsighted political gamesmanship.

power-your-vote.jpgPower your vote today by telling candidates that you will vote for clean energy, new jobs, and healthy communities. Ask them to show us their best plan to build on the success of the Green Energy Act and continue our unprecedented progress.

Tell candidates that our vibrant green future depends on their leadership and that on Election Day you will be voting for a clean energy economy. Together, we'll build a wave of support across the province by asking our friends, family, and neighbours to power their vote with us.

And on Saturday, September 24th, watch for local Moving Planet events in your community where groups like the David Suzuki Foundation will be joining countless nice folks like you to celebrate our bright green energy future.

September 7, 2011

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Sep 09, 2011
9:16 AM

Dr Suzuki has a job, i don't and i also don't qualify for any of those good paying jobs either ,because i work 22 hours a week for minimum wage which will help me lose my home ,just a little slower. My employer just hired two more part time employees so that they don't have to pay benefits for them either.—Yes this is a true story,please feel free to ask me how much i want my hydro bill to increase to support your cause and all those high paid workers who qualified for their training Thanks for being there.

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