By Ian Bruce, Manager, Science and Policy

British Columbians no longer take for granted that the future will be better for the next generation. And that's not right.

Leading scientists agree: climate change is one of the biggest threats our communities face. The good news is that it's not too late, but we need to act now.

Solutions can only be effective if British Columbians demand action this provincial election from their political leaders. Projects that could make our communities greener and better places to live are being stalled, or worse, cut completely due to a lack of investment.

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That's why the David Suzuki Foundation launched a partnership and this video, with five leading organizations, called Better Future BC. We're asking candidates to show strong leadership to meet our climate commitments, while improving our quality of life through a more effective and fair carbon tax. We're calling it the Better Future Fund.

B.C.'s carbon pollution tax is showing signs of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and the majority of British Columbians support it. As the carbon tax has already proven, having a financial incentive to switch to low-carbon energy solutions keeps British Columbia economically competitive, drives innovation and provides thousands of new jobs that matter: now is the time to do even more.

If the province committed to increasing the carbon tax by $5 per tonne of pollution on all fossil fuels, each year over the next four years, we'd be investing in a brighter future for all British Columbians. For those paying at the gas pumps, that means an increase of just over a penny each of those four years. Pooling our pennies and closing the loophole that gives industrial polluters, like oil and gas companies, a free pass to pollute, will let the province generate up to $1 billion a year in new revenue: revenue to pay for transit, retrofits and support for renewable energy options, among other areas.

Want to make this a reality? So does David Suzuki. Share this video and help us show our politicians that British Columbians demand strong environmental leadership on election day.

Join us and learn more:

Download the David Suzuki Foundation's BC election kit

April 8, 2013

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