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WG1-The Physical Science Basis

Something you should know about severe floods and extreme weather from VoVo Productions on Vimeo.

News Release- Worst impacts of climate change still avoidable if we act now
WG1 Media Backgrounder
Focus Canada 2013: Canadian public opinion about climate change

Blogs and Media

IPCC report shows action on climate change is critical
Attacks on climate change science hinder solutions
Climate change amplified in Canada, but worst effects can be averted: report
Canada harder-hit by climate change, but not too late to change course: report
Not too late to avert worst of global warming, Suzuki Foundation says
Canadians losing faith in government on climate change
Ottawa's climate position not in sync with Canadian opinion

WG2-Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

David Suzuki explains... What is the connection between the elderly and an orange? from VoVo Productions on Vimeo.

News Release- Food security, economy hit hard by climate change
WG2 Media Backgrounder

Blogs and Media

OP-ED: Ottawa's climate position not in sync with Canadian opinion
Adapting to climate change isn't admitting defeat
Climate change and the world's poor: looking beyond the usual suspects
Climate change poses food security challenge
Mounting climate evidence underscores the need to act
Film underscores need to address climate change
Canada's economy battered by climate change catastrophes in 2013

WG3-Mitigation of Climate Change

News Release- Latest UN Climate Report shows energy revolution coming

Blogs and Media

Transit investments drive positive change
Only with political will can we avoid the worst of climate change
Windmills are things of beauty
We can't just geoengineer our way out of climate change
Will thorium save us from climate change?
B.C.'s carbon tax leadership now more important than ever
Opinion: A personal awakening on clean energy
IPCC report: Greenhouse gas emissions accelerated in past decade

May 1, 2014

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