Photo: SeaChoice's Educator's Guide: Helping make kids responsible ocean stewards

Keeping our oceans healthy is our responsibility now, but it’s one that will soon fall to our kids and grandkids (Credit: Hani Amir via Flickr)

By Kealy Doyle, Communications Coordinator

You might know why it's important to eat only sustainable seafood, but does the next generation? Keeping our oceans healthy is our responsibility now, but it's one that will soon fall to our kids, grandkids and their kids in turn. Concepts like aquaculture and biodiversity can be difficult to explain, let alone how they all fit together.

SeaChoice's Educator's Guide helps K-6 teachers and parents start children of all ages on the journey towards becoming responsible ocean stewards. Well-researched fact sheets, class projects, activities and discussion points cover how the ocean works, why it's in trouble, how it's impacted by fishing, why we call some things sustainable but not others, and how to identify sustainable seafood. For the most inquiring minds, it's also full of links to extra resources from respected marine organizations.

The earlier we start making informed decisions, the better for our oceans and the wildlife that lives in them. Don't forget to read up yourself on how you can help and the best sustainable choices you can make!

June 14, 2011

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