Photo: Taking a bite out of shark fin soup

A panel of judges, including SeaChoice ambassador Melody Fury (far right), had the delicious task of selecting the Sans Fin Soup Contest winner. (Credit: Lana Gunnlaugson)

By Lana Gunnlaugson, National Manager, SeaChoice

As the autumn leaves continue to fall, what better way to spend a chilly evening than sampling ocean-friendly alternatives to shark fin soup? Thanks to the dedicated work of Shark Truth and seven Vancouver chefs, I was thrilled to taste my way through some amazing culinary creations at the Sans Fin Soup Contest. With samples ranging from "faux shark fin bisque and geoduck combination platter" to "abalone and crab soup with fried scallop terrine," this was the perfect foodie event and cause to support.

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Shark is one of the top red-listed SeaChoice species to avoid. Shark finning is not only a wasteful practice that discards 99 per cent of the fish, it also targets many endangered populations of sharks around the world. The effect that this practice has on marine ecosystems is altering the health of our oceans.

Claudia Li, founder of Shark Truth, has been doing amazing work to protect sharks for years. Through events such as the Sans Fin Soup Contest, Claudia and her team are working to decrease the demand for shark fins by finding ocean-friendly alternatives to shark fin soup.

After tasting my way around the contest venue's stunning 360-degree vista room, it seemed nearly impossible to vote for only one of these talented chefs. Each of their creations would be a delicious alternative to the notorious shark fin soup. Shark fin itself is apparently bland and tasteless so all of these chefs were winners, in my opinion, because they chose ingredients that were flavourful and ocean-friendly. The official winner of the Sans Fins Soup Contest, as well as a complete list of finalists, is revealed on the Shark Truth blog.

Spread the truth about sharks and the devastating practice of shark finning and use the SeaChoice guide to select only ocean-friendly seafood.

November 1, 2011

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