Within his lifetime, David Suzuki has witnessed enormous changes to our waters and many of his favourite fishing spots have disappeared.

Whether we eat fish or not, we are directly affected by the state of the oceans. Yet, we continue to overfish our waters and spew toxins and garbage into our rivers, lakes and oceans with little thought to the impact on the planet and our health.

In this interview with David Suzuki, he chronicles his life-long connection with fish—from his first childhood memory of fishing with his father to the salmon derbies of Vancouver's past. Within his lifetime, David has witnessed enormous changes to our waters and many of his favourite fishing spots have disappeared. He once fished for sturgeon on B.C.'s Fraser River and halibut, flounder and salmon off of Vancouver's shores—an abundance that he took for granted and which seems unimaginable to younger generations.

Watch David's call to action and visit our seafood page to find tools and resources to help ensure that we have healthy oceans (and healthy humans) for generations to come.

January 31, 2012

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Feb 29, 2012
6:13 PM

This is very inspiring, i hope many people will realized this and make a change for a good for the people and its future.

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Mar 17, 2012
7:33 PM

This artwork "talks" about the same issues as in the video.


Vortex of Extinction: Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You Many people depend on the food that comes from the ocean. Overfishing, pollution and climate change are threatening the oceans. Aren't we biting the hand that feeds us? This artwork symbolizes overfishing causing damage to fish stocks in the ocean. The art shows that although there is plenty of fish in the ocean, we have to be more responsible when it comes to "harvesting" what the oceans have to offer. Circular wave lines symbolize the "vortex of extinction". The widescreen format was deliberately chosen to demonstrate how widespread this problem is.

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