By Jodi Stark

In the lead-up to an election, politicians and candidates need to keep track of what their constituents are saying and what matters to them. And what matters is sound marine planning that safeguards our precious coastal waters.

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An opinion poll conducted by Vision Critical/Stratcom on March 4 found that 65 per cent of British Columbians believe marine planning led by the province and First Nations is a "good use of government resources." And, a full 78 per cent said they would support all levels of government "investing more to meet the goal of protecting 10% of Canada's marine areas by 2020."

Polling results mpa.PNG Our own Foundation poll, asking about your priorities for this election, found that reducing pollution risk by opposing oil tankers and safeguarding coastal waters through marine planning were at the top.

B.C. First Nations and the provincial government have an innovative partnership to develop marine plans for the North Pacific Coast. For it to continue beyond the May election, there needs to be political support across all parties.

Despite our government's oceanic failures, there is light on the horizon. Polls continue to show that Canadians of all backgrounds and political leanings value our fisheries and marine wildlife. Marine planning is an area where our political leaders would be well served to hear and respond to the concerns raised by the public. We have a precious resource that benefits so many. Now is the time to do more to protect that resource for future generations.

Do you care about our coastal waters and want to know more about how you can raise the issue this B.C. election? Join us for a Telephone Town Hall discussion on April 10. Find out more and register here.

Summary of Marine Planning Poll April 2013.pdf
Marine Planning Poll Detail.csv

March 28, 2013

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Mar 30, 2013
2:18 PM

Not much of a surprise to me…now if only we can get rid of the Conservatives and rescind the Bill they passed leaving much of Canada’s waterways unprotected…

Apr 03, 2013
4:55 PM

I was born and raised here in BC. The government I vote for in May will not be banking my provinces’ future on short-term economic schemes that rely on fossil fuels — Alberta crude in pipelines and tankers or natural gas being fracked in the north. It’s time political leaders started to invest in environmentally sustainable forms of energy.

Apr 12, 2013
2:56 PM

Our BC coast line is truly one of the most spectacular coast lines in the entire world. Thanks to our current government, they have allowed fish farming to infest a large portion of our coast, and are now wanting to allow oil tankers to navigate our precious coast. Back years ago when the BC Government allowed Fish farming, they reported how there would be great economic returns for the province. I can honestly say today that I have never seen any evidence at all of any economic return except perhaps for the big money holders that own the farms. Now the coast is riddled with all these farms which could potentially be exposing our heritage fish to uncontrollable diseases. Now we are told that there will be great economic returns for exposing our coast to these oil tankers. Not one of us will ever see these economic returns. This promise is all smoke and mirrors. The only ones to reap the money will be the Oil companies. Personally I say our coast is not for sale at any price, but for those that would think that they would consider allowing the tankers to navigate our waters so that they would see a financial gain to their region is so wrong to think so. It’s time for all of us to stand up against these actions and be counted.

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