Photo: Join Skipper Otto's and support local, sustainable seafood

Members picking up seafood shares at Granville Island docks (Credit: Clare Wheeler)

By Kyle Empringham, Public Engagement Specialist

Shaun and Sonia Strobel work out of Fish Locker D, just west of Vancouver's Granville Island. Once or twice a week, they open up shop for members of Skipper Otto's to come in and collect their shares of seafood.

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Skipper Otto's is a Community Supported Fishery — same idea as Community Supported Agriculture, (where people pay to become members and, in exchange, regularly receive fresh fruits and vegetables from local, sustainable farms) — only with seafood.

This CSF goes beyond the call of many other community supported models. Members get wild, local, seafood, caught using low-impact practices passed down for generations in the Strobel family. Skipper Otto's is also boat-to-fork transparent — they can tell you how your fish was caught, who caught it, and when and where it was caught. And Skipper Otto's pays a fair-trade price to all its fishermen — sometimes more than double what they would otherwise get on the fishing grounds.

Shaun and Sonia started Skipper Otto's — the first CSF in Canada and one of the first in the world — with the support of Shaun's father, Otto Strobel. He's fished the British Columbia coast since the 1960s and has a wealth of experience and knowledge about our oceans.

This month, our annual sustainable seafood walking tour (in partnership with SeaChoice) stopped by Skipper Otto's. We were captivated and amazed with the work they're doing to provide accessible, sustainable seafood options. CSFs are a great way to make ocean-friendly choices and support local fisheries.

Skipper Otto's also showcases some delicious recipes from their members — take a look and try one out for yourself.

Rich's BBQ Salmon with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction (Credit: Skipper Otto's CSF)

Skipper Otto's now supports 15 fishers and continues to grow as their popularity dramatically rises. They offer halibut, tuna, spot prawns, crab and a variety of salmon fillets and smoked/canned items. If you're interested in learning more and taking part in this Community Supported Fishery, check out

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March 10, 2015

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