Photo: Full spectrum of responses to Olympic scorecard highlights diversity of environmental community

Olympic rings in Burrard Inlet (Credit: Miss Barabanov via Flickr )

By Paul Lingl, Climate Change Campaigner

When we decided to engage on the winter Olympics, and publish a scorecard, we knew that not everyone would agree with our approach. But we believe it's necessary to engage as many Canadians on this issue as possible to try to build more support for climate solutions. We have received feedback on our scorecard from some people that we didn't acknowledge enough of the organizing committee's environmental achievements, and that by only giving the Vancouver Olympics a bronze we have effectively discouraged future event organizers from going further. On the other hand, we have also received feedback from concerned citizens that we weren't critical enough. This was to be expected — not everyone will agree on the exact approach or path forward to solve climate change (or any environmental issue, for that matter). However, we believe we need a variety of different voices and approaches, and a diverse movement of NGOs working on the issue. And this diversity of views and approaches is a real strength of the environmental community, as long as we all recognize that we are working towards the same goal — to put real solutions to climate change in place.

February 22, 2010

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