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Elders have always played a critical role in society as the repository of collective experience, knowledge and history of a community. As society has moved away from extended families to nuclear and single parent arrangements and more mobile, moving across the country, the need for that societal memory was never more important. Young people must learn that happiness is not dependent on a deluge of more stuff, but in the joy of people and things they do together. They need to be reminded of the change in their surroundings, that in a generation or two, the air, water, soil and biodiversity of the Earth has been radically reduced. Elders are the ones to do the reminding." — David Suzuki

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The Suzuki Elders is a group of individuals whose association with the work of the foundation, environmental sustainability and community development has been recognized and compatible with the Elders mission and goals. The Elders review and comment on the policies and practice of the foundation while actively engaging with and facilitating ongoing projects promoted by the Foundation. The Suzuki Elders independently organizes and conducts its own research, education and advocacy around issues of eldering, environment and interconnection. It endeavours to work cooperatively with other organizations where eldering and environment are priorities and encourages the networking of individuals and organizations to effectively address its missions and goals.

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April 7, 2010

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