Check out this video to hear David Suzuki's Earth Day message.

What else does David have to say?

"On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it's worth remembering that the environmental movement really began in 1962 when Rachel Carson published Silent Spring. When her book came out, there wasn't a single department of the environment in any government on the planet. This popular movement has come a long way since then, and we now have a much better understanding of the breadth and magnitude of the environmental issues we're facing.

Our challenge today is about action. It's no longer just about picking up litter, recycling and protecting whales and seals. We are currently embroiled in an immense experiment that is compromising the very life-support systems of the planet and that will dictate the fate of our children and grandchildren. People know we are in an ecological crisis of unprecedented proportions. What is needed now is the will to marshal the immense creative forces to meet this challenge."

What are you doing to make a difference? Read stories from people who are causing an effect, and share your own.

April 22, 2010

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Apr 19, 2011
1:21 PM

Hi, so I was wondering about your input on a thought I’ve had. For example, in Canada alone, if the logging industries that produce paper products stopped production for a year and opted to do something different like replanting…Would the entire country suddenly run out of paper in just that one year. Do these industries really need to produce such large amounts? Perhaps they should take a break every 5 years or something so people are forced to be a little more conservative in their uses. But I guess it all comes down to money…Like if one meat industry stopped production of one animal for a year (say chicken..I know very unlikely) would the world in that year really die off…I mean so much of it goes to waste anyways and they produce enough meat in a year to properly sustain a large population.

I just wish companies that have options like logging could just take a year off every 5 or whatever years and replenish the forestry and get paid for that…I think it would have positive effects and slow down the negative ones at least by a little.

Oct 29, 2010
2:18 AM

Hi david suziki i love you passion. I would like to share with you a idea that is going to unity community it one the world will love.And my idea involves kids and the seed community can plant in there hearts.I would like to send you a dvd that you will love please send me i am intrested note only to no you are reading this. my idea is trade marked and a business name. I am a son of a farmer,farmers work on fixing matter your fiathfuly william davies.

Apr 23, 2010
12:53 PM

I’ve been trying to get myself to do many small steps toward a better your message told me: If you don’t try you won’t get anything started.. So i’ve been cleaning up the garbage in the yard and on my road..hanging my clothes out to dry(started in march when the frost left) i save avout $25-40 a!! I play a game with the children at night sometimes were we shut all the lights off and go around with flashlights.for about one hour before bedtime… I started that on the day were you should shut the lights for 1 hour and the kids have loved the idea since..And it saves money and energy too. I’ve also been doing my own garden and composting what i can (with no meat) i live in the country and don’t want to attract hungry You have been a source of inspiration to me for years( i was a closet admirer before) but i am older now so i am taking bigger action to remove as much carbon footprinting as i can.. Also as a side point..i am a representative with Avon products and we are in a campaign right now called HELLO GREEN TOMORROW were we are asking our customers to plant a tree in the amazon forest for $1 a piece and has given the Atlantic rainforest $1million to launch the initiative (thru UNEP) for 1 million trees…in return they receive an everyday “green tip” certificate Thank you for standing up to what you believe and staying with it..It took you many, many years but people are really paying attention to what your saying now..aren’t they!!! Also before i end this..Your letter in the Times & transcript for the Peticodiac river, N.B. was really nice and to the point.. Again, thank you for believing in the planet!!! Yours planetarely, Patricia Lyness-Gauvin N.B.

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