What began as the urge to canoe to work across False Creek, Steve Unger, one of our David Suzuki At Work Ambassadors created the Crazy Sustainable Commute campaign. Steve is an engineer and currently serves as Director of Operations, sustainability champion and co-captain of the Vancouver green team at SAP. Outside of his professional career, Steve is also an urban farmer, a green builder and a committed advocate for action on climate change.

The Crazy Sustainable Commute is a campaign designed to inspire people for ONE day to rethink in a creative and memorable way how they can commute to work in an eco-friendly way.

We challenge you to find a fun, creative and sustainable way to get to work without using your car! Let's work together in reducing our carbon footprint by finding alternative transportation solutions. Bike, Hop, Skip, Roller Blade, or canoe! Save money, get healthy, and become a leader in sustainability at your workplace.

Each small step you take to reduce carbon emissions is one BIG step closer to a healthier planet and a healthier you. Challenge yourself, your co-workers or your competition. Show Vancouver how easy it is to make a difference and just how crazy and creative you can be! Take pictures or video and share your crazy commute on our Crazy Sustainable Commute Facebook Page.

How can you take part?

  • Sign up online
  • On August 27th, commute to work in a way that is sustainable, fun and raises awareness (e.g., canoe, kayak, pogo stick) OR
  • Utilize alternative transport that day. Don't drive. See how it goes, feel what it's like

The wackier, more creative and unique commuting methods people share will shine a spotlight on the creativity and options that are available — so don't be afraid to think differently!

Join the Crazy Sustainable Commute on Facebook

Follow the Crazy Sustainable Commute on Twitter or with hashtag #CSCVan2010.

August 9, 2010

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