Photo: Think you know what it really means to be an environmentalist?

This Green Cafe's conversation will be animated into a visual storyboard (Credit: Stina Brown)

By Anna LeGresley

On Wednesday, March 23rd, the David Suzuki Foundation is inviting Vancouver green teams, business owners and all eco-minded individuals to challenge and expand their assumptions about what it means to be an environmentalist at a transformative Green Cafe.

Held at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, this professional networking event will dive deep into an interactive discussion about what defines an eco-lifestyle, both in the office and as human beings. To facilitate such a meaningful conversation, graphic facilitator Stina Brown will animate all interactions into a visual storyboard.

As well as tackling broad themes such as this, Green Cafes are a great way to chat with the business people in your community and educate each other through a two-way dialogue. These events are organized by David Suzuki Ambassadors, who volunteer their time to facilitate office greening workshops that help businesses reduce energy consumption, trim waste, travel smarter and build their bottom line in the process.

The last Green Cafe in Vancouver was a sold-out venue, so purchase your tickets to this memorable evening today!

March 10, 2011

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Sep 19, 2015
9:37 AM

I as an Individual attempted to cleanup an environmental problem back in the late 1980's, I approached the local board-of-health, a direct division of the Ministry of Environment, took our the proper permits and I was given a list of guidelines to follow.

What followed next was a total surprise, once I had the environmental concern cleaned up at my time and expense, redirecting the septage affluent to a safe environment, I began receiving notices I was in direct VIOLATION of the local by-law which NEVER EXISTED!

This is the way today's society rewards INDIVIDUALS who attempt to be a GOOD HUMANITARIAN, ENVIRONMENTALIST, CONSERVATIONIST and NATURALIST!

Thank you Canada!

Mar 27, 2014
6:59 AM

This past winter of 2014 was an EXCELLENT TEST for My R2000 Home.

Of course I used 10% more energy and with the 30% increase in energy rates PROMISED by this Ontario Government, My heating bill for the month of January was $300.00.

With this in mind, I can still afford to live in My Own Home!

Mar 16, 2011
10:19 AM

The BENEFITS I received from planting trees are, in the summer the deciduous trees on the southern exposure provide shade in the summer months, therefore NOT requiring an air conditioner! I have to also mention the beauty of the fall colours!

My coniferous trees planted on the northern exposure provide beauty along with wind deflection in the winter!

I am disappointed when people living outside of the city, fail to plant more trees. Other benefits are such things as noise barrier and places for birds to make their homes and the seeds provide natural food. I see so many different song birds return year and year!

Murray Hebblethwaite

Mar 15, 2011
6:49 AM

In 1986 I worked with the Canadian Federal Liberals and constructed MY R2000 HOME! This was the BEST INVESTMENT I ever made!

I have to admit, it is rather small compared to the average Canadian house, therefore I was NOT sure how to heat it! To date I have NEVER installed a central heating system (furnace) as described/used in most Canadian houses!

I learned one cold winter day while MY R2000 HOME was under construction, but in it's finishing days I noticed something! At that time I was using a very small air tight wood stove to use up my odds and ends after construction, located on the LOWER LEVEL, but CENTRALLY LOCATED!

I was sitting directly beside a large glass patio door after the sun had set and I noticed one thing, I WAS WARM ALL OVER! There was NO heat register under the table or near me, BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER INSTALLED!

I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT modern heating engineers have central heating design ALL WRONG!

Mar 14, 2011
6:26 AM

I have been INVOLVED with "Land Stewartship" since 1973 on my little farm here in SW Ontario. In fact I started planting trees a few years earlier and continued to a point where I have numerous trees where birds come to nest on an annual basis.

I have actually created my very own "GREEN SPACE" allowing a location for nature to take over for the small creatures to live and feel comfortable.

I is so wonderful to wake up to the sounds of birds singing, while rabbits hop around freely and the occasion white tail deer pass by.

Sunrises and sunsets are so much more appreciated when modern society is "out-of-the-picture"!

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