Photo: Endangered Species in British Columbia

By Jode Roberts

The BC government continues to play a dangerous waiting game with the more than 1,900 species of plants and critters that are at threat of being wiped out in the province.

This inaction prompted opposition NDP MLA Rob Fleming to introduce a strong private members bill that will protect threatened and endangered species, like rare desert flowers, blue herons and grizzly bears in BC yesterday.

The David Suzuki Foundation and our pals in the conservation community offered kudos for stepping up, of course.

We are also urging politicians of all stripes to support MLA Fleming's Species at Risk Protection Act. The stewardship of Canada's rich ecological heritage is too important to be a partisan political issue. Furthermore, it truly boggles the mind at how many of BC's imperiled species remain unprotected under BC or federal law.

Let your voice be heard by demanding that BC stop the growing list of casualties and pass a law to protect species and ecosystems at risk, like every other province in Canada has already done, save Alberta.

June 2, 2011

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May 15, 2013
7:57 AM

I love ya man!!!!

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