By Jode Roberts

Check out this compelling video from the fine folks in the small Ontario community of Melancthon that are battling against a massive mega-quarry proposal. It explains why residents would prefer to continue growing food rather than have an American company drain the watershed and blast a billion tonnes of rock out of the ground.

Help the cause by sending a letter to Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources before July 11th 2011.

July 7, 2011

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Jul 12, 2011
10:36 AM

if you aren’t into letter writing then consider going to and signing the online petition against the mega-quarry….it will be presented to Linda Perry Minister of Natural Resources…we need to take action en masse

Jul 10, 2011
6:38 PM

Can anyone tell me why we really need to risk major pollution issues with ground and surface water affecting so many people, and such a wide area of central Ontario to get at this stone? Is there no less disruptive substitute? Is this material removal a direct benefit to Ontario citizens in general or is the profit going to a foreign company? The issues sure seem to be bad for the environment and not very well handled by what I have seen to date. I’d vote NO!

Jul 10, 2011
3:35 PM

Please write your MP’s, spread the word and stop this insanity! We can’t let this happen

Jul 10, 2011
9:56 AM

Soon there wont be any more farms around here and all our foods will have to be shipped in at such high prices no body will be able to eat

Jul 10, 2011
6:59 AM

I’m appalled that this issue has gone this far. Why are investors allowed to ravage our country for their profit. Canadians are the ones who will suffer when there is no longer food and water — the sustinence of life.

Jul 09, 2011
7:52 AM

It’s as if the Liberals have a vendetta against rural Ontarians . First they destroy the health and well being as well as the financial benefits of country living by jamming giant super structures called wind turbines around their homes. Some fifty stories tall !

Then to make matters even worse ,the very earth and water that these people use to feed cities is now being threatened.

I left the city almost forty years ago and it’s still trying to bite me in the ass.

Cities should clean up their own backyards before they come to mine. Afterall the more dead zones you create the more we all suffer

So the next time you need to turn on your lights, generate your own power in your own backyard, roof or lakefront ! You need to feed your family? Level the suburban no-man lands on prime agricultural property. God forbid your thirsty…ops I forgot that water comes in a plastic bottle

Just remember, once the beauty of something is gone.. it’s gone. The beauty of rural Ontario is vanishing right before your eyes.

Keep Ontario Beautiful…..ya right.

Jul 08, 2011
1:27 PM

If you would like to see the Foundation’s letter of objection to the proposed quarry, check out this link:

Jul 08, 2011
12:23 PM

Hostess frito lay in Cambridge should be worried as they rely on these potato farmers to supply them with product or else they will have to find another supplier further away and that would mean added cost to ship the potatoes to the production plant. $$$$$$$Cosumers will lose in the end too !!

Jul 08, 2011
11:03 AM

Thanks so much to Jode and the Suzuki Foundation for posting this and bringing this fight to your engaged audience. Unfortunately, so few Canadians are yet aware that this proposal could place the largest open pit aggregate mine in Canadian history, right in the middle of thousands of acres of the best prime foodland in the world. Standing on the headwaters of 5 of Ontario’s major rivers, it plans to ‘manage’ unheard quantities of our purest water FOREVER. This will destroy habitat for thousands of species of fish, rare birds and other wildlife. Our government of all levels is letting it go through ‘a long process’, working with laws that are inadequate to protect it’s people and natural resources against this exploitation. We need all Canadians to demand this proposal be subject to and environmental assessment, at the very least. Thanks from all who care.

Jul 07, 2011
7:17 PM

It’s a disgrace and an abortion to “Canada’s Greenet Community.”

Jul 07, 2011
3:52 PM

this is preposterous!

i wonder if anyone has approached the wine growers in champagne, burgundy and the loire to see if it might be better to have a giant limestone quarry instead of a multi million dollar wine industry.

save the land for agriculture. people need to eat more than the need nice countertops.

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