Photo: David Suzuki lends his voice to Occupy Vancouver

David Suzuki addressed the Occupy Vancouver crowd on Saturday (Credit: Janice Williams).

By Rachelle Delaney

Occupy Vancouver protesters welcomed a familiar face to the encampment at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of Vancouverites turned out to hear David Suzuki offer his thoughts and opinions on a topic larger than but intimately connected to protecting nature.

"For me," Suzuki said, "the Occupy movement is about oikos, the Greek word for household or domain. It's about defining our place in community, state, nation, biosphere.... Oikos is home. Ecology is the study of home. Economics is its management. But we elevate economy above ecology."

He concluded, "Let's put the eco back in economics."

Now in its sixth week, the Occupy movement has spread from the financial district of New York City around the globe, from Hong Kong to Madrid to Johannesburg. The movement shows no sign of weakening.

October 25, 2011

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Nov 11, 2011
5:12 PM

David I left Canada just after 9/11 and have been living on the Isle of Bute off the West Coast of Scotland since then. I am a displaced Canadian and when I try to describe you and your work and what you stand for I give up and simply tell them if you were Priminister of Canada then Canada would have the greatest chance of being the greatest nation in the world. I tell people I am proud that Canada is the largest country as I hate borders. I didn't wear a poppy today because I want the world to learn from what has past and stop remembering and start living. My brother is a sargeant in the Canadian forces and was in Afghanistan for the second time last year. I hate it. The world is waking up David. Out of bad things good things do come. I wish you peace. Catherine

Oct 26, 2011
6:09 AM

Hurray for David! My husband was asking me just the other day why David Suzuki isn't more vocal in fighting for the planet. Perhaps David has come across as a too-polite, humble, Canadian science geek in the past. Well, look out world — here he comes!

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