Photo: Go on, seafood lover, be happy

Wouldn't it be nice to just be happy and feel good about your seafood choices?

By Sophika Kostyniuk, Seafood Campaigner

Canned tuna melt or blue fin sashimi? King crab cakes or farmed shrimp rolls? How about a bowl of shark fin soup with a side of eco-guilt and consumer confusion? Are seafood options getting you down? Wouldn't it be nice to just be happy and feel good about your seafood choices?

Most seafood lovers that I know want to choose wisely for their family and the planet, have easy options available to them, and simply get on with dinner. The Be Happy campaign can help you do just that. By visiting the Be Happy Facebook page you can sign a pledge to show your support for healthy oceans, learn about sustainable seafood options, share recipes and information with your networks, have fun uploading your family and friends' funniest fish faces, and most importantly, feel good about the seafood you're eating!

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Eight ocean conservation organizations from across North America including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, FishWise, the Vancouver Aquarium, and the David Suzuki Foundation have come together to jointly launch the Be Happy campaign. Our goal is to help more people choose ocean-friendly seafood more often by helping them navigate the confusing world of sustainable seafood. We want to show people just how easy it can be to make healthy choices for their families and the planet. The campaign will run almost exclusively through social media circles including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Check out #behappyfish on Twitter and visit the Be Happy Facebook page for daily teasers, trivia, and new recipes. Who knows, maybe you'll make the Fish Face of the week!

As always, you can visit our Eat for Healthy Oceans page to view all of our ongoing sustainable seafood work including videos from our SeaChoice Ambassadors, weekly recipes, blogs and loads of resources like wallet guides and phone apps. So go on, start cooking up a sustainable seafood storm. Don't forget to invite your friends for dinner so they can learn—and be happy—about making sustainable seafood choices as well!

January 16, 2012

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Jan 16, 2012
7:58 PM

In French too pleeeeeeeeaase !

Merci : )

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