By Peter Robinson

Dear friends,

Tomorrow is Earth Day. In light of current events, you may be feeling that it is a dark time for the environment.

A week ago you received an open letter from Dr. David Suzuki, explaining his decision to step off our board of directors, and asking for your support . I am writing to tell you more about what this means for the David Suzuki Foundation.

David has worked tirelessly for the last two decades, as a volunteer, helping to build the Foundation into the most trusted environmental voice in Canada. During this time, extraordinary people — pre-eminent scientists, business leaders, community activists, and thousands of donors and volunteers — have joined him in creating this unique organization.

This week, we received incredible words of encouragement from many of you. Thank you for expressing your support for David and for the David Suzuki Foundation.

You asked us to be brave, strong, and work harder than ever before.

Let me tell you: we're just getting started.

In the past few months alone, we've shown leadership by:

  • Researching provincial efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and issuing a report card to identify progress and encourage positive new policy development, despite federal inaction.
  • Helping to improve the health of thousands of households and families, by providing information on toxic chemicals in cleaning products and safer alternatives.
  • Winning protection for killer whale habitat in the federal Court of Appeal. Protection for whales, which live at the top of the food chain, means a healthier ecosystem for all other marine life and coastal communities.
  • Forging a new agreement with scientists, consumers, industry, and government to protect oceans from the harm of bottom-trawl fishing.

Today there is a dire need for a science-based and solutions-oriented response to the mounting environmental problems we share. Living within the limits of nature and safeguarding the water, air, and complex biosphere that sustains all life are our primary goals.

You can count on us to continue to find effective solutions to environmental challenges, with courage and conviction. We are guided by David's vision and he will continue to be one of our most active volunteers. We've heard from you that respect for the natural world is a truly Canadian value. We operate, as we always have, with transparency, high ethical standards, and with full respect for the laws that govern Canada's charities.

I will end by echoing what David requested a week ago.

We need your support. Please consider this letter your personal invitation to join us today . Become a monthly donor . Join our online community . Share this letter with your friends and family.

Let's make David Suzuki proud.


Peter Robinson

April 20, 2012

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Apr 21, 2012
8:52 AM

I believe that you are making a difference, and I hope that the next federal elections, people go and vote for the future of the environment. I certainly will be thinking of the environment when I vote monday for provincial election.

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