Photo: A David Suzuki Foundation moment in history: David Suzuki guest edits the Vancouver Sun

David Suzuki plans the May 5, 2007 edition of the Vancouver Sun with editorial staff.

By Janice Williams, archives coordinator

Five years ago, on May 5, 2007, the Vancouver Sun published its first guest-edited newspaper. The editor was none other than David Suzuki.

Suzuki's journey toward greening the paper had begun three months earlier, when he received an invitation from the Sun's publisher, Kevin Bent, to be editor for a day. He didn't hesitate to accept. Along with Foundation staff, he met with Sun editors to discuss potential stories, which would appear in several sections, from Business to Arts and Life. Suzuki edited each one.

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The day before publication, Suzuki joined newsroom editors to select breaking news stories, discuss story angles and leads, and review articles and pages. The front page led with a feature titled "The State of our World: how climate change affects people and economies around the planet," which highlighted 16 global hotspots on six continents. Each Suzuki-edited article was accompanied by a green footprint, a graphic image of Suzuki's sole.

In her op-ed, Editor-in-chief Patricia Graham wrote that Suzuki's "ideas and personality have enriched today's paper."

Articles in the paper included "How a plate of sushi treads on our planet's resources," "Cleaning up the world of pro sports" and "Greening up B.C.'s building code."

May 23, 2012

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