Photo: We've got the parties started!

By Panos Grames, Communications Specialist

With a little more than a month before the provincial election, B.C. MLA candidates are talking about important issues such as water, wildlife, climate change, pipelines and energy.

How do I know that?

During the past week, more than 1,000 British Columbians sent letters to candidates through our website demanding strong environmental leadership.

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Judging from the letters we received back from candidates, the buzz we created got party headquarters talking seriously about the big questions we're asking: What are we going to do about reducing carbon emissions? What's our position on endangered species? Are we going to continue to support marine planning with First Nations?

So next time you're wondering whether to sign onto an email action campaign, remember that your letters can drive the discussion. Letting political leaders know what issues are important to voters can keep the environment on the agenda.

Keep up the good work. If you're from B.C., sign on now and demand strong environmental leadership.

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April 11, 2013

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