Photo: All the cool kids are doing it

I hope you’re having as much fun in nature as I am!

By Dave the Gnome

All the cool kids are doing it...including me. Yes, this old grump has been putting the pedal to the metal (bicycle pedal, of course) and actually having a little fun with the 30×30 Challenge.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the beautiful Okanagan. Guided by my colleague, Harpreet, I quickly learned the dos and don'ts of small-town life in Penticton:

DO enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains, lakes and beaches
DO take a wine-tasting tour and indulge in a locally grown, scrumptious meal
DO swim and get a glimpse of the legendary Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan
DO bike along the Kettle Valley Railway and enjoy spectacular views of Myra Canyon
DO share the spirit of "everybody knows everybody" and enjoy the outdoors together
DO enjoy the magnificent viewpoint overlooking Skaha Lake that only a few locals know about
DON'T stress out when nature — a natural antidote to stress — is literally at your fingertips
DON'T drive your car when everything is minutes away by foot or bike
DON'T be in a hurry! Seriously, slow down and smell a few roses (or cherries or peaches)

image004.jpg image003.jpgimage005.jpg

Week 3 photo contest winner Stephanie, and runners up Ben and Aludlow.

Overall, I'd give my trip an A+. I enjoyed great company, delicious food and amazing views, developing a deeper appreciation for the nature nation that we live in. Did I mention that I've also gotten in better shape? That's right, ladies. Meet the "Sexiest Gnome Alive", thanks to my 30×30 Challenge.

And when I thought things couldn't get any better, my Whaley Awesome 30×30 staff team at DSF topped the charts again for another week! We're officially the team to beat. Below are this week's results:


30×30 Staff Challenge — Week 3

#1 Whaley Awesome 94% (98%)
#2 The Crash 93% (97%)
#3 Heroes-in-a-half shell — turtle power! 91% (94%)
#4 Horton's Whoteam 77% (89%)
#5 Bush Babies 77% (83%)
#6 Wal 'R Us 70% (86%)
#7 Roller Polar Bears 64% (86%)
#8 Groovy Gorillas 55% (72%)
#9 Tigers 52% (76%)
#10 Stealthy Night Warriors 38% (68%)
NOTE: The first percentage score represents week three participation in nature only. The percentage in brackets is the overall participation score since May 1st.

I hope you're having as much fun in nature as I am! And remember to share all your fun with our weekly photo contest. For the last week of the 30×30 challenge, we'll be searching for the best "Finding Peace in Nature" photos. Don't forget to join!

Signing off from paradise,

Dave the Gnome

May 24, 2013

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