Photo: I'm takin' the 30x30 challenge

David Suzuki Foundation staff pop-up picnic in Vancouver

By Dave the Gnome

I used to go outside. In fact, I was born in nature — the David Suzuki Foundation garden, to be exact. But then I got stored away in a closet and my connection to the planet was gone!

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Last week, while the David Suzuki Foundation staff were doing some spring cleaning, they found me hidden in a box of handmade Christmas decor... I guess I blended in with Santa? They told me about the 30×30 Nature Challenge and said I could join.

I hesitated at first. It's been years since I've been outdoors. But how hard could it really be? So I took the online pledge to go outside for at least 30 minutes every day for the month of May.

Then, I filled out the survey was surprisingly interesting and made me think: How stressed out do I feel? How well do I get along with my colleagues? How connected do I feel with nature?

David Suzuki Foundation staff pop-up picnic in Vancouver

My lifestyle has dramatically changed in the past few years. From being outdoors every day, I'm now accustomed to being sedentary, indoors. Has this affected my physical and mental health? I guess we'll find out when I re-take the survey at the end of the challenge.

David Suzuki Foundation staff split up into teams to see which one gets out into nature the most. (We're so competitive!) We'll be having meetings outside, walks at lunch — even pop-up picnics! For tips on how to have your own, download the 30×30 pop-up picnic tool kit today.

I'm on the "Whaley Awesome" team, which is whaley awesome because we're the only team with a ceramic mascot (me) and a watermelon shaped like a whale.

Below are a few photos from our 30×30 launch party and celebratory pop-up picnics. You can join the challenge and encourage your workplace to get on board, too, at×30challenge.

watermelon.png cakes.jpg picnic.jpg
David Suzuki Foundation staff 30×30 teatime launch

Don't forget to submit your photos in nature for a chance to win a fabulous prize. I might even use my magic powers to make an appearance in your pics... so make 'em good!

David Suzuki Foundation staff pop-up picnic in Toronto

Find more pictures of the Vancouver office pop-up picnic on Flickr

May 3, 2013

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