Photo: Running to protect the great outdoors

(Credit: Stephen Downes via Flickr)

By Valery Ross, captain, Team Suzuki

Team Suzuki is gearing up to run, walk and wheel for nature — training hard and collecting donations to support the Foundation's work protecting air, water, soil and a diversity of species at the Scotiabank 5k and half-marathon on June 23rd.

Given a choice, I'd pick a run in the forest over time on the treadmill.

Now science shows what most of us know intuitively: spending time in nature makes us healthier. It boosts energy levels and immune function; lowers the risk of diabetes, heart attack and colon cancer; reduces stress, anger and depression; and increases creativity, curiosity, concentration, productivity and problem-solving ability.

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And that's not all.

Work by the David Suzuki Foundation shows that urban green spaces—like Vancouver's gorgeous waterfront and Stanley Park, where Team Suzuki will be racing June 23rd — provide billions of dollars in "ecosystem services" like cleaning the air and water, keeping soil from getting blown away, and pollinating food crops.

Now you can give something back to nature that will help protect all it does for you: join Team Suzuki in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge!

The Foundation is helping Canadians understand nature's benefits and live within its limits:

  • Combating climate change by transforming Canada's energy system to healthier renewables
  • Inspiring teachers and students to make nature their outdoor classroom
  • Protecting "keystone" species like caribou, killer whales and grizzly bears
  • Enshrining the right to a healthy environment in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Showing that human-built systems can never replace what nature does for us

Whether you decide to join Team Suzuki or not, open your senses to the wondrous Earth that sustains us all.

Want to join Team Suzuki?

It's easy!

scotiabank_vancouverHalf.png * Go to the race registration page
* Choose your race level—5k or half-marathon
* Create a fundraising page and choose the David Suzuki Foundation as your charity
* Set up your personal online fundraising page

Once you sign up, I'll keep you updated with new strategies. Our fundraising goal is $30,000 — and every little bit counts. And you'll be able to run or walk with our terrific teammates!

If you have any questions, or want help registering, don't hesitate to contact me at

"A body in movement needs the things nature provides: oxygen from fresh air, clean water to stay hydrated and food for energy. Exercise is my medicine. Let's work together to keep ourselves, and the planet, healthy." ~David Suzuki
May 6, 2013

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