Photo: What's green, makes us cool and saves tax dollars?

Mountain Equipment Co-op green roof in Toronto. (Credit: Jackman Chiu via Flickr)

By Faisal Moola, Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada

What's green, makes us cool and can save millions in tax dollars?

Come find out on May 21-22 at the Grey to Green Conference in Toronto. The conference will focus on the benefits of the burgeoning field of green infrastructure.

Who will be there? Grey to Green will bring together experts from the fields of engineering, architecture, municipal government and more — basically anyone that builds or aspires to grow green infrastructure projects in our cities.

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As the Guardian Weekly noted earlier this week, the interest and investment in green infrastructure is growing rapidly. Last year about one million square metres of plant-coveredroofing were built in both France and the US. Philadelphia's multi-billion dollar plan to turn a third of the city's impervious asphalt surface into absorptive green spaces has set ta lofty standard for others with green aspirations. And small but equally important green infrastructure interventions like this and this are bringing green to the city in the form of green walls, permeable pavement and green roofs throughout the world.

What's in it for cities? Leaders like New York have saved billions in water and wastewater treatment costs by shunning traditional infrastructure and investing in natural capital solutions. And studies haveestimated that adding green spaces cool our overheated cities — for example, in Toronto it is estimated that greening six per cent of the city's roofs could reduce temperatures by a couple degrees.

We at the David Suzuki Foundation will be at the conference looking for green ideas to help grow our Homegrown National Park in the heart of Toronto. Find out more about what we are up to at

May 11, 2013

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May 13, 2013
11:04 AM

seems as if, “the burgeoning field of green infrastructure” has been extremely exciting, inventive, pioneering for at least 20 years now, thanks to David Suzuki and the Foundation, some of us seem to be aware, how has all of this important information, seem to continually be ignored and replaced with general stupid dogma?the lie of the fight for survival? In BC, this is probably the most important election ever, too bad David Suzuki isn’t running as the Green Party leader! the party would have won!

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