Photo: Volunteers in Action: Meet Bosco

Bosco, SeaChoice Ambassador

By Sarah Blay, Public Information Volunteer

It is hard to define Kim Mo, aka Bosco, in just a few words. He has so many interests, projects and aspirations. But it's easy to see how truly dedicated he is to protecting our oceans and fish that live within them. Asked why he volunteers for the Foundation, he replied, "Because I love the ocean!" And that love runs deep.

Concern for overexploited fish stocks led Bosco to become a SeaChoice Ambassador. He shares sustainable seafood knowledge about sustainable seafood and other food related issues on his blog. He also produced a video about the Spot Prawn Festival in Vancouver for the Foundation, and wrote a blog for Chinese New Year.

Bosco helped translate our SeaChoice Seafood Guide into Chinese, which is enjoying wide distribution across Canada. Bosco appears every other week on Fairchild TV to talk about food and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable seafood choices, and even interviewed the Foundation's own Winnie Hwo on his program!

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It turns out the ocean is not the only water that Bosco loves. He's also an accomplished springboard diver and swimmer. Add to that his interests in travelling, photography and videography, and you soon see that Bosco has found all sorts of ways to spread the sustainable seafood message.

The Foundation is grateful to have found such a passionate person as Bosco—an individual who truly walks the walk in his quest to protect the ocean!

July 12, 2013

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