Photo: Volunteers in action: Meet Jennifer Deol

Volunteering on the Punjabi by Nature campaign Jennifer is now able to share her deep connection and love of nature with the South Asian community. (Credit: Sonam Bajwa)

By Sarah Blay, Public Information Volunteer

Jennifer Deol is a Punjabi by Nature and Public Information volunteer at the David Suzuki Foundation. If you have ever wondered whether introverts can help change the world, Jennifer is proof they can! Growing up in the quiet environment of her family farm, Jennifer developed a deep connection with nature from an early age. Whether hanging out in a forest or being with animals, Jennifer has always felt most sure of her own identity when surrounded by nature.

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It was during high school that she really found her voice and began sharing her love of nature with others. By starting Earth Week at her school, she was able to raise awareness and funds for the World Wildlife Fund. The success of this event helped Jennifer to see that most often people want to make the best choices to protect the planet — she was just giving them a way to do so.

Jennifer and her father have had numerous conversations over the years about the environment and the South Asian community. While in her fourth year as a biology student at the University of British Columbia, Jennifer found her niche at the David Suzuki Foundation. Volunteering on the Punjabi by Nature campaign she is now able to share her deep connection and love of nature with the South Asian community. With her team, she regularly visits gurdwaras to share her message.

"It's great to work directly with the Punjabi community. The positive encouragement we get from parents, kids and elders is very meaningful and makes me feel like we're making a real difference to get the environmental message out," says Jennifer.

We hope you will join Jennifer for Punjabi by Nature, which continues until October 16. For details visit Punjabi by Nature. A special thank you to Jennifer for sharing her passion for nature and knowledge of South Asian culture with the David Suzuki Foundation.

October 2, 2013

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