Photo: Sustainability Within a Generation: A New Vision for Canada

By Janice Williams, Archives Coordinator

Ten years ago, the Foundation published "Sustainability Within a Generation: A New Vision for Canada". Written by environmental lawyer David Boyd, it was considered our most important report to date, and presented a vision of what Canada could be in 2030.

This report was launched in Ottawa at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference, attended by more than 600 civic leaders. Following its release, David Suzuki and former foundation executive director Jim Fulton delivered a copy to then-Prime Minister Paul Martin, and discussed how his government could play a role in making this bold vision a reality.

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"Sustainability Within a Generation" called for Canada to develop and implement a prosperous, just and sustainable future, by concentrating on nine critical challenges, including:

  • Generating genuine wealth
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Shifting to clean energy
  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Protecting and conserving water
  • Producing healthy food
  • Conserving, protecting and restoring Canadian nature
  • Building sustainable cities
  • Promoting global sustainability

Ten years later, the messages of this report continue to inform and transform our work. David Boyd continues his evolving path as an environmental leader, writing six other DSF reports, as well as recent reports for our Right to a Healthy Environment initiative.

Boyd's other foundation reports include:

The Food We Eat

The Air We Breathe

The Water We Drink

Fireproof Whales and Contaminated Mother's Milk

Prescription for a Healthy Canada

Northern Exposure: Acute Pesticide Poisonings in Canada

March 14, 2014

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