Photo: Volunteers in Action: Meet Sarah

(Credit: Gail Mainster)

By Peter Perugini, Public Information Volunteer

Sarah Blay is a long-time volunteer at the David Suzuki Foundation. Her story is an inspiring reminder to listen to your inner self and don't abandon what's important to you.

Sarah's environmental connection began when she was growing up in car-dominated London, Ontario. To minimize her carbon footprint, she became obsessed with walking, running, biking, and "riding empty transit buses". This enthusiasm continued into her adult life as she specialised in environmental studies while completing a rhetoric and professional writing degree at the University of Waterloo.

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Sarah lived and worked for extended periods in Hungary and Mexico and eventually settled in Vancouver. Her work pulled her deeper and deeper into the corporate sector and, after over 10 years, she felt the fire that had once burned so fiercely inside her had largely gone out.

Refusing to abandon her passion for the environment, Sarah decided to go back to school while working full-time. She completed a certificate in sustainable development at Simon Fraser University and it was there that she found her connection. Her teacher, Nina Winham — at the time, DSF Manager of Public Information — inspired Sarah to apply for a volunteer opportunity.


Sarah has now been with the Foundation as a Public Information Volunteer for over two years and recently transitioned into the Development and Public Giving Department to offer her marketing writing expertise to help further DSF's public engagement success. With renewed enthusiasm, Sarah exclaims, "Through responding to email, phone calls and social media from the public, I have come to realize just how many Canadians want to take action to protect the planet for this and future generations. Being exposed to the volume of passion has increased my knowledge and optimism about a better future for Canadians and the world."

We thank you, Sarah, for your dedication to the environment and to the David Suzuki Foundation.

March 25, 2014

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