Photo: A thank you to our volunteers during National Volunteer Week

By Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist

"For volunteers, issues matter as do community and the future. Their spirit, enthusiasm and pride suffuse the Foundation."- Dr. David Suzuki

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This National Volunteer Week, we honour the talent and dedication of the David Suzuki Foundation's volunteers, who not only support and enhance the work we do, but also guide it.

Volunteers serve the Foundation in a wide range of roles: researchers, finance assistants, public information officers, project and development assistants, event hosts, Queen of Green coaches and, of course, our Board of Directors and co-founders, David Suzuki and Tara Cullis. Although the tasks at hand are different, the common thread among the Foundation's volunteer team is an understanding of and dedication to our mission: to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.

From all the staff at the David Suzuki Foundation, we thank you for your generosity, and for being a part of our family.

"The dedicated volunteers of the David Suzuki Foundation are my greatest source of hope—their strength, passion and energy constantly reaffirm my belief that our vision of sustainability within a generation is truly within reach." — Michiah Prull, Director of Communications and Public Engagement

"It is very important to have volunteers helping us. Their contribution and dedication provide us more time to handle our job smoothly. Often, the volunteers will give new insights and suggestions that we never think of." — Cecilia Wong, Finance Assistant

"Daily, I am amazed by the incredible skill, knowledge and dedication that volunteers share with us. They are our valued colleagues. The Foundation's work moves forward and is enhanced by our gifted volunteers." — Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist

"Volunteers bring their passion and energy to everything they do and everyone they work with here at the Foundation. In Community Giving, volunteers are a completely vital part of our team and fill key roles in our Development program. Our organization really could not continue without our volunteers' dedication to doing high-quality, amazing work." -Laurel Irving, Development Coordinator

"Volunteers are the heart and soul of the David Suzuki Foundation. Passionate, dedicated and super-smart, they make the impossible possible." — Harpreet Johal, Public Engagement Specialist

"The Queen of Green program successfully gets Canadian families unstuck from 'what can I do mode' by gingerly standing on the shoulders of amazingly talented, dedicated and inspiring volunteers! On a given day, Queen of Green volunteers across Canada meet with neighbours to talk about waste reduction, host green cleaning parties, research and write blogs and FAQs about how to recycle running shoes, promote and share green living tips via social media and, more importantly, listen to fans and followers." — Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

From our volunteers on their Foundation experience:

"Volunteering is a way of giving back and, incidentally, getting a lot back in return." — Peter Ladner, board member

"Volunteering at the David Suzuki Foundation is important to me as it gives me an opportunity to play a small part in helping to change the world." — John Ruffolo, board member

"I've always felt so honoured to volunteer on the Board of Directors at DSF!" — Severn Cullis-Suzuki, board member

"I have always been concerned about the environment. Our family lived in the Peace River for 40 years, I became a widow, my children moved away, and I decided to return to Vancouver. I have always been impressed with the work that David Suzuki has done for the environment and wanted to take part to help in any way I could by volunteering at the Foundation. It is very rewarding and I enjoy working with the young people who share his continued passion and dedication to the cause. In fact, it almost seems like a family and we are working together to a common goal. I also joined the Suzuki Elders so am also working in another direction to help the environment." — Penny, development

"Volunteering with the David Suzuki Foundation is an amazing experience! DSF goes out of their way to treat us as part of their organization, not simply volunteers, by keeping us informed and involved with organizational activities and community events. This lets us know that our work has impact on the organization's continual success." — Audrey, finance

"I started volunteering at the David Suzuki Foundation because I would like to help protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, and that's exactly what DFS does. Throughout my experience as an accounting assistant, I have learned new skills, met so many amazing people and have never felt so appreciated." — Sara, finance

"Why I volunteer; well, even though my hands are full with a lot of various responsibilities, I always aspire to give back and, being someone who is passionate about the environment and fond of the work David does, I felt that DSF would be a great organization to support. I've grown to thoroughly enjoy the team I work with and truly value the time I spend there." — Rashad, development

"I have always felt most sure of my own identity when surrounded by nature, and those who work to protect it." — Jennifer, public information

"Volunteering with DSF, I'm part of a top-notch team whose cause I believe in. It makes me feel like an accounting action hero." — Todd, finance

April 7, 2014

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