Photo: Come get your homegrown (milk)weed this weekend, Toronto

By Jode Roberts, Homegrown National Park Project

As a result of the wildly popular #GotMilkweed campaign to help monarch butterflies and support the Homegrown National Park Project, the David Suzuki Foundation has arguably become one of the country's leading homegrown (milk)weed dealers.

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On Sunday, hundreds of Toronto households will pick up milkweed plants purchased through the #GotMilkweed campaign. More than 5,000 monarch butterfly-friendly plants are expected to be planted this spring in yards, balconies, schoolyards and parks through the Homegrown National Park Project.

And it turns out Torontonians aren't Ontario's only milkweed lovers. In a surprise move, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food put forward a successful proposal to remove all species of milkweed from its Schedule of Noxious Weeds. The posting acknowledges that milkweed plays a key role in biodiversity in Ontario, especially as the only host plant and larval food source for monarch butterflies. And it means Ontarians are no longer "obligated to destroy" milkweed on their property.

The milkweed pickup will take place at the south end of Christie Pits Park, near Bloor Street. Limited quantities of milkweed will also be available for sale, at $5 per plant, cash only, first come, first served.

The milkweed pickup is part of a Homegrown Native Plant Sale with the North American Native Plant Society. The sale will include lots of amazing native flowers, shrubs and trees for making pollinator-friendly gardens, yards and planters.

To find out more about how you can help monarchs and get some (milk)weed for your neighbourhood, check out this page.

May 22, 2014

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May 26, 2014
6:29 AM

Hi, I was at the Christie Pitts plant sale yesterday and bought 20 milkweed plants which I will give to 20 kids in a milk weed planting party for my daughter’s birthday. I grabbed one of your cards with tips for a butterfly-friendly garden and wish I had grabbed enough for each child to have too. Is there a place where I could get more, or is it possible for someone to send me 20 by 8 June 2014? It would be much appreciated and could greatly contribute to the Butterfly corridor in Toronto to encourage all those kids! Thank you in advance!

May 23, 2014
12:10 PM

Hi, I bought $25 of milkweed. how do I get it?

May 23, 2014
5:42 AM

Love the monarch’s and i don’t mow mine down (the milkweed) so my yard is full of milkweed way to go keep up the monarch butterflies:) flying

May 22, 2014
7:40 PM

What are the times on Sunday that the milkweed will be sold at Christie Pits?

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