Photo: Hitting the streets for the Chinese New Year's parade

(Credit: SOULdiers dance group via Flickr)

By Kim Sato, dancer, choreographer and dance producer

On February 22, I had the pleasure of joining David Suzuki Foundation staff and volunteers for a second year in a row to march in the Chinese New Year's parade. My name is Kim Sato and I'm a dance artist, choreographer, director, dance advocate and producer of a variety of street dance events in Vancouver.

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For a street dancer, a clean and sustainable environment keeps us healthy and inspired and helps create who we are as artists and moulds and defines the community spaces where we gather to practise — especially because we gather outdoors much of the time to do what we love. Street dancers thrive outside with good company and food, and we tend to gather together in places that are safe and clean to practise and thrive in our craft. For these reasons, joining the David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot campaign for the parade this year was an easy decision.

As the Blue Dot campaign continues to raise awareness about the need for the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental Canadian right, we, as street dance artists, want to show our support. To continue creating our art and expressing ourselves through movement, we need clean air, water and environments. To create great art, we need to keep ourselves fit, active and inspired. Through the Blue Dot Tour and movement, the David Suzuki Foundation continues to do inspiring work, and we are more than excited to join and support the cause, which directly affects our art practice.

This year I was excited to bring along four of my very talented professional street dancers from Project Soul: Rupert Common, Victor "Savage Rock" Tran, Taiyo Seo and Momoko Shimada, as well as a large representation of SFU students from my FPA 120 class to perform a flash mob-inspired dance piece.


(Credit: Janice Williams)

Even before the parade started we were creating a buzz of energy and an impromptu audience by doing what we do best: freestyle. Although it was a slow start we managed to gain momentum and lots of attention just by sharing our love for street dance and music and our electrifying dance moves with parade-goers. Everyone was in good spirits because we got to dance together and show our support for the important Blue Dot campaign.

If you would like to see some amazing street dance, come to the Michael J. Fox Theatre on Friday, March 13, where you can catch Vancouver's finest street dance talent at Urban Alchemy 6. For more information check out the website at

February 27, 2015

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