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By Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist

Volunteers are the roots of strong communities — that's the theme of this year's National Volunteer Week. At the David Suzuki Foundation, we couldn't agree more.

Our volunteers are not only the roots of their communities, they are also the Foundation's branches, bringing our message to people across the country.

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The work of our dedicated volunteers includes:

The examples are endless and the positive effects DSF volunteers have on our society is immeasurable. Here's some of what inspires them, in their own words:

"I get to help the organizations that I think are doing great things achieve their goals and it makes me feel like I did something good for the community/world. It gives me purpose and meaning." — Julia Taylor, Queen of Green Coach

"I volunteer at the David Suzuki Foundation because... many think that the gas and oil economy is more important than clean water, fresh air and clean arable soil for raising our food." — Monica Wilson, Suzuki Elder and Community Giving Clerk

"It's one small way I can further the vital and important work of the Foundation." — Peter Ladner, Board Member

"I volunteer for DSF because I would like to return the favour to Mother Nature and I know I can do it with DSF." — Eri Hato, Finance Assistant

"I volunteer for DSF because of 'the breeze, the trees, the honeybees — all volunteers!' — Juliet Carinreap" — Lynn Daoust, Special Event Host

"I volunteer for DSF because I enjoy being able to educate the public about how we can help make choices that are more environmentally friendly. DSF is a trusted voice in the community and I'm honoured to be a part of the volunteer program." — Jaskaran Dosange, Multicultural Outreach and Special Event Host

"I would like to thank the David Suzuki Foundation for this unique opportunity. Researching the environmental and social history of Howe Sound taught me so much. I developed a deep appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of Howe Sound and British Columbia." — Estelle Arbellay, Howe Sound Archives Collection Assistant

"DSF's vision and mission are critical to life on our planet and because I thought I had something to offer." — Stephanie Green, Board Member

"I volunteer for the Foundation because I believe that a green and sustainable future is possible, and the Foundation offers inspiration and hope for that future. Also, the Foundation offers so many great opportunities to get in touch with nature and the city. I'm so glad to be part of such a wonderful movement!" — Emma Griffiths, Special Event Host

"I felt that volunteering with DSF, I enjoy having the chance to learn the latest about this complex environmental movement, about the many-faceted issues of climate change, the fear of it and the hope we have...and whatever I do, however little, I felt at least I'm doing something, instead of staying out on the sideline of this most important challenge we're facing now..." — Cynthia Lam, Suzuki Elder

"I volunteer for DSF because I wish more people understood the importance of protecting our environment. Every person counts." — Emily Chen, Human Resources Assistant

"The values and projects of the organization align tightly with my professional and personal commitments to social justice." — Margot Young, Board Member

Happy National Volunteer Week to the thousands of volunteers supporting the David Suzuki Foundation! We couldn't do what we do without YOU!

April 13, 2016

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