Photo: Volunteers in Action: Meet Estelle

By Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist

Estelle loves to learn. A researcher since 2009, she's used tree rings as natural archives of forest disturbances such as wildfires and insect outbreaks to assist forest management. Her curiosity has also taken her to remote locations in North and South America, Europe and Australia, and to volunteer with the International Union for Conservation of Nature's forest conservation program.

Eager to learn more about marine ecosystems, Estelle joined the David Suzuki Foundation as volunteer archivist for the Healthy Oceans Program on the Sustainable Howe Sound campaign early in 2014. For two years, she researched the environmental and social history of the Howe Sound region, gathering key historical facts and creating a chronological timeline from the Pleistocene until today. Estelle also contacted local and regional libraries, museums and media outlets to access archive materials from the early 1900s until today and compiled a list of about 500 historical photographs and 200 other documents including maps, videos, newspaper articles, microfilm captures, research papers, reports and theses.

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"Researching the environmental and social history of Howe Sound has taught me so much. I have developed a deep appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of Howe Sound and British Columbia. I feel it is important to contribute to the preservation of our beautiful British Columbia."

Nature inspires Estelle's curiosity and fuels her need for learning and giving back to her community. It also provides peace and harmony, best exemplified by her favorite outdoor memory of sitting on a pontoon by a lake in Northern Finland, basking in the midnight sun.

"I think that in order to make a difference in their community people should start by identifying their passions and what drives them. Introspection is key in this process. People should then get involved with local charities where their skills could flourish through volunteering."

Thanks, Estelle, for your important contribution to our Howe Sound research!

May 20, 2016

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