Photo: Recycle for a good cause

Students of David Suzuki Secondary School run a Think Recycle program, with a portion of the proceeds coming to The David Suzuki Foundation! Kimberly Hoover (from Think Recycle) with students Jasmine Kaur, Zoya Chahal, Mannal Maqbol, Nikki Sandhu and Nikeshia Hamilton.

There's a new cost-free way to fundraise for your kid's hockey team, school group or an organization you support including the David Suzuki Foundation: recycle e-waste for cash with Think Recycle @ThinkRecycle.

To raise money for travel and tournament fees when I was a kid, my soccer and ringette teammates and I had to work smoky bingos and casinos—not great places for budding athletes. We also delivered the Yellow Pages, sold rings of Ukrainian sausage door-to-door, and let's not forget the good ol' bottle drive!

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Times have changed. Now you can just clean out your desk drawers and closets.

It's easy. Here's how to keep old, obsolete, or unwanted electronics out of landfills and fundraise for the David Suzuki Foundation by sending them to Think Recycle:

  1. Collect a minimum of ten items (cell phones, print cartridges, digital cameras, etc.)
  2. Register at Think Recycle (say you heard about the program from me)
  3. Follow the directions for getting your discards to their facility

Reusable electronics will be refurbished. Those that can't be brought back to life will be carefully dismantled and separated, and metals, glass, and plastic turned into raw materials for future production of new goods.

Send whatever you have lying around the house, or organize an e-waste drive at your office or school. Think Recycle even plants a tree with Tree Canada or American Forests for every 24 qualifying products donated!

Will you host an e-waste donation drive?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

January 30, 2012

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Nov 29, 2012
1:09 PM

Feel free to register with anytime.

We have a digital Jump Start Kit to get you started right away :)

Not only will you be diverting harmful waste from landfill and raising funds for the David Suzuki Foundation or your cause you will also be contributing to tree planting through our tree planting partnership with Tree Canada.

Happy Recycling The Think Recycle Team

Feb 02, 2012
9:56 AM

i believe recycling is very important, i been a recyler for many a years and was disgusted when i first learnt of incineration and environment, the pollutions of the world…i really think teaching kids how to respect the world nd all thats in it is important…great great teaching and cause…

Feb 01, 2012
3:16 AM

Thank you very much for the information about this program. I am a teacher in a very small school which makes fundraising rather difficult. But this we can do!!!

Jan 31, 2012
10:24 AM

Great ideas to pass on

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