Photo: Have an eco-friendly period

Is your period eco-friendly?

A painful allergic reaction to tampons led aspiring fashion designer Madeleine Shaw to create reusable Lunapads. Here's her wisdom on having a greener period. (Stop making that face.)

How are reusable cups and washable cloth pads better for the planet?

Twenty billion disposable pads, tampons, and applicators are dumped into landfills annually in North America. Each cloth pad or reusable cup replaces hundreds of disposables made from rayon, chlorine-bleached kraft pulp, plastics, waxes, perfumes (or fragrance), surfactants and a host of other chemical ingredients (which are not even disclosed on the box!).

Reusable products have never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome and are far less likely to cause irritation. The best and safest menstrual cups are made from silicone.

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Are there health benefits to using a menstrual cup?

Tampons absorb essential vaginal moisture in addition to menstrual flow. This can cause painful dryness. Cups are non-absorbent and chemical-free.

Can anyone use a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups can take getting used to. But most women who try them never go back to disposables. A small percentage of women experience difficulty due to their unique shape—if you have concerns, contact your health care provider.

How do you wash reusable cups and pads?

Follow the instructions that come with your cup—rinse and wash with an eco-friendly liquid soap. Silicone cups can be boiled briefly to sterilize between cycles.

Rinse or soak used pads in cold water; follow with a warm water wash with an eco-friendly detergent. Hang to dry (or machine dry).

Where can I find safer, eco-friendly period products?

London Drugs carries Lunapads in some stores. Also check with your local health food store, or shop online.

The cup retails for $35-$40 and pads cost $15-$20 each. Your purchase will pay for itself in a few months, and you'll save thousands of dollars!

DYI-ers can make this basic envelope-style pad (PDF) or watch Madeleine's how-to videos.

What is Pads4Girls?

Many girls in developing nations lack access to feminine hygiene products and stay home while menstruating. Pads4Girls provides washable pads and panties so girls can go to school every day and have a brighter future. Lunapads has supported over 2,000 girls in 15 countries with supplies that last for years!

Comment on this blog for a chance to win a DivaCup Kit with Lunapads mini pantyliners! Congrats to our winners Lesley and Rebecca!

Is your period eco-friendly?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

February 19, 2012

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Jan 23, 2017
6:54 PM

Great article, but since published in 2012 is incorrect about menstrual cups never causing toxic shock syndrome. A case was written about in 2015 as seen below:

May 23, 2016
10:06 PM

Amazing ideas shared!!! Thank you.

Nov 07, 2015
6:12 PM

Menstrual cups are gaining popularity thanks to article like this and the internet. This review, seems to sum up the ‘most bits’ about menstrual cups quite aptly:

Feb 20, 2015
7:51 AM

I love the Diva cup. It has been nothing but successful. I spend a lot of time traveling in the backcountry and it’s a life saver. Never going back.

Feb 20, 2015
5:05 AM

I’ve used the Diva cup overnight for years and love it. I personally can’t use it during the day for comfort reasons but love what I have saved with overnight use alone!

Jun 11, 2014
2:57 PM

The Diva Cup can be found pretty much in any health food store in Ontario. I believe Shoppers Drug Mart has them as well and some chain grocery stores like Zehrs, I believe.

Feb 09, 2014
7:26 AM

i think pads are good idea but excuse me it is NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE WHEN IT COMES TO SAVING THE WORLD, FIRST START WITH REDUCING CARS and STOP DEFORESTATION! Not female tampons are the most dirty, STOP SMOKING and there wont be cigarette ends, 200 million a day! stop printing books, go ebook so no paper waste!!! 20 years ago there were handkerchiefs but who wants to wash snott, next time you develop washable toilet paper!!! then just produce it from a degradable leaf… what about all these tacky tasteless garments in the shops, ugly PU shoes, synthetic handbags, billions imported from CHINA weekly that last for a month, do not manufacture them do not buy them, buy real leather that lasts years, because these ones go to the landfills the most containing harmful garment colors, glue,etc. What about all the inedible junkfoods that taste so bad, supermarket shelves are full of terrible tasting food, what a waste! I hardly drink a good tasting milk since all is packed in PLASTIC PACKAGE instead of degradable paper so the the milk itself tastes like plastic bottle,,,

Dec 07, 2013
10:44 AM

I’ve had the diva cup for a few years now and it has saved me a lot of money. I plan to invest in some lunapads next. I hate to think of all that garbage going to the landfill unnecessarily!

Dec 05, 2013
8:49 AM

I have a menstrual cup and I use it on my light days but I have a copper IUD which makes my period very heavy for a couple of days and unfortunately I have to use tampons on those days. I really dont like pads and I have to go to the laundromat to wash my clothes so I’m not too eager to try reusable pads. I think its a bit of a tradeoff since using a copper IUD is helping save the fish and amphibian population from going extinct. If you are on birth control you pee out hormones and those get into our natural water sources via the treatment plants and negatively affect local wildlife(do a google search and you will find a bunch of studies).

Dec 04, 2013
6:18 PM

Tried Instead and Diva…. not compatible with my parts. OB. has less waste and works better than anything else for me. The instead was way way way too big, they only come in one size, the edges can sometimes be a little scrapey and when I tried to remove it, it just scraped everything…. if it was smaller it might have been ok.

The Diva, the small one didn’t fit, was also too big, even when the suction was ok, it was not something I could sit down with… It works for my friend though. I really did try, and I’m familiar with my parts. It just hurt too much.

I’m extra eco in all the other ways though, and I know that doesn’t exempt me from being all-eco, at least it’s something.

There are also washable bamboo fiber tampons online to try. I haven’t tried them, but they must be smaller than the other two things! I want to try to get some of those. Check ‘em out here:

Oct 09, 2013
1:13 AM

I think this is a great idea! There is so much potential for innovation in the ecologically minded product development sector. Thanks to Lunapads for considering female health in making their products.

Sep 17, 2013
3:42 PM

I just had baby #2 and have been planning since early on in my pregnancy to switch to the Diva Cup as soon as Flo comes back to visit. <3 If I like it (which I very much suspect I will), it just might become my go-to gift for the teen and pre-teen girls in my life.

Aug 26, 2013
10:50 AM

I’ve been using a menstrual cup for over twenty years along with cloth pads. I think education about these options should be part of school education about the menstrual cycle at school.

Aug 02, 2013
8:54 AM

Sorry, not for me. I work really hard to cut down on waste and to recycle, but I draw the line here. I don’t ever use tampons with plastic applicators, which is something. Also I agree that O.B. is a good, less wasteful choice. I think I will make a permanent switch to those.

Jul 10, 2013
10:07 AM

The Diva cup is sold at Adventure Guide and Fiddleheads in Waterloo, ON (not too far from TO). Have been using it for a few years and is much nicer than tampons and pads, plus it’s made and developed in Canada.

Mar 22, 2013
8:47 PM

Anyone know where to find Diva Cups in Ontario (GTA)?

Mar 17, 2013
2:51 PM

Hi I am wondering if anyone has ever seen coupons or freebies for and brands of the cups?

Jan 14, 2013
4:41 PM

Hi! I like the Instead Menstrual cup. It’s made of polyurethane so it’s hypoallergenic, it is available in stores like Kroger and Meijer, Yay! and it’s reusable. I wash it out, and rinse it in a vinegar/water rinse, let it dry and stick it in a baggies for next time. the come 12 to a box, not that you’ll actually need 12… that allows some to share as the opportunity arises. they are much cheaper than the Diva Cup- I didn’t buy a Diva cup because of the expense and not being sure I would like something that I couldn’t return. Instead Cups are less expensive and not such a huge commitment. Instead was also designed by a woman, made by a woman owned company, last I checked.

Oct 04, 2012
1:46 PM

OK I have not tried Divacup

Jul 26, 2012
7:29 AM

Sounds like you have a great program here. As a cosmetic dentistry office we try to find a charitable organization to help out. This sounds like a great way to help in other countries. Thanks for sharing.

Jul 23, 2012
10:13 PM based on Vancouver Island sells both cloth pads and cloth diapers.

Jul 22, 2012
4:58 PM

Ten years pad free this year!

Jul 22, 2012
4:36 PM

I've been using a Keeper (same as a diva cup but made out of rubber) for over 10 years now. I also use cloth pads. My main reason for using these products was to save money but I'm just as happy about how they are environmentally friendly products too.
I'll never go back to disposables.

Jul 22, 2012
4:25 PM

I've tried everything, including the cups — the cups are disastrously messy to remove, and occasionally leak during extreme physical activity, so I quit them. O.B. tampons are the only thing I can use, the only thing that works for me. I know they're still a tampon, but they don't have the extra waste of applicators and they're not as bulky as pads (therefore less waste there) and according to the package, the tampons themselves are bio-degradable. I've been using them for twenty years now and every time I try something else (short of $, try another brand that's cheaper) I always regret it. O.B. RULES!!! (Btw, I can't do pads of any kind because of my active lifestyle.)

Jul 22, 2012
3:55 PM

I really love my diva cup and would not mind a second so I can give one to my sister. I could really use the lunapads as well.

May 31, 2012
8:28 PM

Switching to the diva cup four years ago was the best thing I ever did…I only wish I did it sooner! Now my only problem is trying to convince my friends to switch…

Apr 25, 2012
5:42 PM

I started using the diva cup about 3 years ago and havent looked back since. I was searching for an alternative to tampons since i developed an allergy to rayon and realized it was making my period a miserable experience. I didnt want to got the route of all cotton since they are alot harder to find so after talking to a salesperson at Shoppers Drug Mart i was told about the Diva cup. As i have gotten older my periods have changed and even on my heaviest day i only need to remember twice a day to empty it. Saves on trying to find a bathroom at frequent intervals during a day not to mention travel. Instead of needing to pack a million tampons and pads i need one little bag and its cup. Even camping its easy enough to rinse out and wash in the shower. Takes a little bit of practise to get the right fit so it doesnt leak but i am thinking of introducing it to my daughter when she starts her period. I wish it had been around earlier since it has made my life so much easier.

Apr 24, 2012
8:51 AM

Natural sea sponges work equally well, and can be bought at health food stores. You can clean them with hot soapy water. A little bit of peroxide once in a while also helps. You need to air dry them.

Mar 08, 2012
6:13 PM

Right now I am on a huge streak of downsizing my use of chemicals. I have banished all commercial cleaning products from my house and am changing out all of our cosmetic products as they run out. I am also making the transition to a plastic free zone! But, it never ceases to amaze me, when you take a closer look at products, the toxic chemicals that you find. Especially in products that we place in our most sensitive areas. Like poisonous chemicals in our deodorants, or in our mascara, or in our tampons! I would love to try one of these.

Mar 08, 2012
2:22 PM

I am a huge fan of the diva cup. It is honestly been a life-changing purchase, and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Mar 08, 2012
7:54 AM

I get yeast infections all the time — I have tried so many different things to prevent them, except cloth pads or menstrual cups. I have been worried about trying them out of fear of them not working either. I hope I win so I can test some out and stop filling the landfills with pads and tampons that I currently use. I have changed many aspects of my life to become eco-friendly so this would add to my overall health and saving the environment. Thanks for all your work and weekly emails Lindsay! :)

Mar 07, 2012
4:21 PM

I have used a menstrual cup for over 10 years and have always tried to talk to friends about the benefits of using one. The reasons I switched to the cup include environmental and physical but what solidified my decision to switch was the one day I worked at our local garbage dump as a "paper picker". I was in between jobs and this opportunity was posted at a local job agency with little description other then I would be picking up "paper" from the hill. Cool I thought, I'll be recycling! (this was in 1994) It turns out that the job was not picking up just paper, it was re-bagging all the trash that the huge trucks and loaders ripped open on their constant trips up and down the hill. The day I was there I saw more used maxi pads and tampons then I care to imagine, and I had to pick them up and….. I will admit I did not last for my full shift and I left the hill feeling like a huge failure to the world. But every month since then I have not contributed to that growing pile and that makes me feel good in a small way because those tampons and maxi pads do add up. So thank you to the manufacturers of the menstrual cups, and reusable pads, and thank you to the ladies out there who use them!

Mar 06, 2012
7:32 PM

Tampons users have a higher risk of yeast and bladder infections and probably cervical cancer because ecoli can climb string right up into the girl's vagina, where 100% of anything is absorbed. If a girl sits in a hot tub for awhile, she notices her tampon is saturated — which means water from the hot tub and all the chemicals where absorbed into the tampon and then into the woman. Doctors tell women we 'wipe ourselves in the wrong direction'. Can you imagine. Do you think they know and just want us to suffer? I wrote this:

For young girls and women who have suffered from too many UTI's and/or yeast infections

I cry for the girls, who have to prance, While they listen to non-scientific rants! Do tampons feed yeast? Who dines at this feast? Stop the ignorance and give women a chance!

Mar 06, 2012
2:34 PM

Hey Fellow Greeners!!

It's funny that Lindsay sent out this email as I have just been purusing the Divacups and wondering if they would be right for me. I use organic natural tampons and organic pads but I always want to see how little waste I can create and this has been a catch. I had no idea their were Lunapads mini pantyliners and am stoked to hunt them down!! I'm up in Northern BC so it'll be an internet search but looking forward to pushing new boundaries-thanks for all the great info Lindsay !!


Mar 06, 2012
2:20 PM

I have a diva cup but I don't use it. It was great when I was up and moving around, but as soon as I sat down, it would leak. Inquiries to the maker resulted in the same instructions being given to me over and over again. There was no indication that the product might not work for me, just that I must not be inserting it properly. For me it was a waste of money, for others, money well spent.

Mar 06, 2012
2:15 PM

I stopped using disposables years ago for a few reasons. I never felt they were safe for my body, I didn't like the idea of all the waste I was creating, and I usually have very heavy periods so running to the bathroom every hour or two was not that convenient.

I started with reusable pads but they felt very bulky and I was always worried about leakage due to my heavy periods. I then moved on to reusable sponges (sea sponges) which were great but were very messy when rinsing them off. I finally decided to invest in a diva cup and it was the best decision I ever made!! Even on my heaviest days I only ever had to empty it out once or twice a day! Not only that but I love how comfortable it is, although it does take a few tries to get the fit right at times.

For those of you on the fence, I say just try it!! The cup is really not as messy as you may think, and in the long run you will save a ton of money even if you think it's a bit pricy at the time. It's totally worth it!!

Mar 06, 2012
2:13 PM

My boyfriend bought me my diva cup 4 years ago. It did take some getting used to, I had a few leaks until a friend told me to make sure my cervix was in the cup by feeling for something that felt like "the end of your nose". That little tip helped me so much (it really does feel like the end of your nose). If you can feel your cervix, the cup isn't in right and it will leak. Give it a turn and if it doesn't spin freely, keep trying eventually your cervix will settle in.

I do wear back up on my heaviest days. I would love to have some luna pads as back up or for nights.

Mar 06, 2012
11:23 AM

I recycled my daughter's old flannel receiving blankets by making pads out of them—some are thick, some are just panty liners. There are lots of great patterns online for making your own. Here's just one example:

Mar 06, 2012
10:42 AM

What a great idea. I intend to try this out When my pregnancy has ended and I'm back to my regular cycle.

Mar 06, 2012
10:38 AM

Diva Cup is also superior to tampons when it comes to water sports IMO.

Mar 06, 2012
10:36 AM

To those who are worried about the Diva cup leaking or overflowing:

I have a really heavy period and yes, sometimes mine does fill up fast on the heavy days, and I find that it can overflow all of a sudden, particularly if I am lying down or sitting in a strange position and suddenly move.

Over the years, I've gotten better at remembering to empty it regularly on heavy days… and even remembering not to move suddenly when it may be full….

but sometimes I also wear a backup pad (either re-usable or disposable, depending on my mood and the frequency with which I anticipate being able to visit a private washroom that day).

So yeah, occasionally I end up using one (or maybe two) disposable pads over the course of my period, but this is still way better than the dozens I used to use back in the old days!!

Also, I was intrigued today to learn about how many different brands there are out there now (I had only heard about the Keeper and Diva). I bet if I try another one or two, I might find one that doesn't do the "surprise leak" thing!!

Gotta start shopping …. :-)

Mar 06, 2012
10:31 AM

I've used my diva cup for 4 years now for very heavy periods and it has been a lifesaver. Putting it in definitely takes some practice to get used to though. I use the diva cup cleanser and I also boil it for 20 minutes in distilled water (and a pot I only use for the cup) after my period each month. I had been getting yeast infections at first before I started doing that but haven't since. I highly recommend it. Bought mine at London Drugs.

Mar 06, 2012
10:04 AM

I have been thinking about trying these products for a long time — maybe it's about time I make the switch! :)

Mar 06, 2012
9:50 AM

I do not have a London drugs in my home town. Is there any way I can order Luna Pads online?

Mar 06, 2012
9:49 AM

I made a supply of reusable pad covers several years ago and have sheets of flannel for inserts. Great investment for a small amount of money and time, and much kinder on my skin. Admittedly I do use disposable pads and tampons occasionally (primarily if I'm away from home for a full day), but one package of each lasts me over a year.

Mar 03, 2012
6:08 PM

I use the Diva Cup and LOVE IT as much as you can love a sanitary product…. lol but seriously totally worth the money, couldn't ask for a better product to make that special time of the month more bearable.

Mar 03, 2012
10:40 AM

Another option is "The Keeper" which can be ordered online and has a 3-month trial policy!

Mar 02, 2012
11:01 PM

Thank you for this well written persuasion. I know a woman who empties her diva cup into abandoned and dying plants, and it brings them back to life! She has the most amazing and lush plants in her house now!

Mar 02, 2012
9:31 PM

Been a diva cup user for 5 years now (on my second one). Wouldn't have it any other way! Incredibly interested in the reusable pantyliners…. Must have some!

Mar 02, 2012
7:37 PM

I like the idea of reusables but I've always hated pads of any kind and I am afraid to make the investment of a DivaCup because I've heard they can leak or be really uncomfortable.

Mar 02, 2012
6:38 PM

I'm curious about these. However, with my heavy period, I wonder what I'd do when I have to change pads every hour or so. Carry those around in my purse all day? Tampons always leak for me too so I'm not sure if the cup would work (I normally use a tampon AND a pad for the heaviest days).

Mar 02, 2012
5:40 PM

I love my cup, and I have many luna panty-liners. I love them all. And I don't need another one (so don't let me win). I just wish the organic liners came in that pretty purple print when i bought them :( I've got a bunch of boring creme colored ones bc i don't like magenta… oh well, i still love them.

Mar 02, 2012
5:01 PM

I have been intrigued by the DivaCup for awhile now, but knowing my body, after what some ladies have already said, the cloth pads have my attention. Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences and to Lindsay for the info!

Mar 02, 2012
3:47 PM

I would definitely give one a try!

Mar 02, 2012
3:33 PM

Always wanted to buy one, never had $40 laying around to actually go buy one. I've heard from friends the diva cup is great though!

Mar 02, 2012
3:22 PM

We're on the same page! I just wrote a big blog with the exact examples on FB :) Great minds think alike. so many alternatives!

Mar 02, 2012
3:14 PM

I switched to the luna cup about four years ago. At first I had a hard time getting it inserted properly. I asked like minded girlfriends how they used it and how inserting it worked for them. So after a few months of using back up I finally got it right. I now use nothing else and I love the freedom it provides! I really got to understand how my body really works because of my luna cup! Thanks for providing such a wonerful reuseable product!

Mar 02, 2012
2:43 PM

Thanks for this article, I am going to try the lunapads next month! I already am shampoo free and deodorant free!

Mar 02, 2012
2:43 PM

This sounds like a wonderful idea. While the Diva is a little daunting, I would definately try it if it meant no more waste and uncomfortable pads. I can't wait to try some new products!

Mar 02, 2012
2:36 PM

I've been using a "Keeper" (TM) for, oh, over twenty years now. It works perfectly. They're a bit pricey at around $50, but last and last. I think they are guaranteed for at least five years. (i'm on my third one now, and, closing in on menopause, probably my last.) The money saved alone is reason enough to look into this. (works out, for me, to approximately $0.62 per month!)

Mar 02, 2012
2:35 PM

Thanks! I didn't even think about this, but the waste really does add up!

Mar 02, 2012
2:29 PM

these look kool would be willing to try them myself

Mar 02, 2012
2:15 PM

I'm all about becoming greener and this is just another direction we ladies can explore! I currently use only disposable products so it'd be great to win this giveaway and produce less waste each month.

Mar 02, 2012
2:13 PM

If you're going to try a cup (they really are awesome), do the research and don't be afraid to try other brands. I started with a divacup, which did the job but was always a little uncomfortable. Then I found a few sites to help me compare and make a better decision:

Even if you end up ordering multiple cups and only ever using one brand after you find the one you like, it will be cheaper in the long run than buying tampons… and if you boil the ones you don't want you might be able to pawn them off on someone.

Mar 02, 2012
2:12 PM

Have used the diva cup for a few years now and would never go back. Amazing the amount of waste made from period products.

Mar 02, 2012
2:08 PM

I will be looking for these, that is if i dont win :) good luck to all

Mar 01, 2012
11:38 AM

Ive thought about these for a long time. Hope to give it a try soon

Feb 29, 2012
7:18 PM

I've been using cloth pads for 3 years now and they've been excellent. They're comfortable and they're not thick at all. I got most of them off etsy. The upfront cost can be pricey ($4-$10 per pad plus shipping) but it has saved me money over time and they're going to last for years. It also means one less thing to buy monthly! I recommend ordering 1-2 pads at a time to see what styles work for you.

Cotton flannel is great for breathable pantyliners, but you'd want a more heavy duty backing for a heavy day. But Pleat has good pantyliners:

Sewfussy has great wool-backed ones, but I recommend that style only if your periods aren't that heavy:

If the pad has inner layers and it's backed with polyester fleece, it's basically bomb-proof. Look into the pads by Yurtcraft ( and Mimi's Dreams (

There's also a cloth pad/menstrual cup forum if you want recommendations from other women:

Feb 27, 2012
12:48 AM

trying for the giveaway, I'm sick of tampons and pads and still having a mess on my hands

Feb 25, 2012
11:03 PM

I use a cup and it is wonderful! I feel so much better knowing I am not filling landfills with my waste. I need to get an extra one now along with some cloth pads for my emergency kit. Never know when you have to get the heck out of Dodge!

Feb 24, 2012
1:32 PM

After yearning for a Diva Cup for the longest time, I finally took the plunge a couple years ago. Biggest disappointment of my life. Knowing my body, I bought the smallest one available. After half an hour of pain, irritation, and looking up every possible solution on the internet, I had to give up. It's simply too large to go in. Cleaned it really well and offered to a friend with a less "problematic" situation, and even she was incapable to get it to come even close to fitting. So, if you find yourself in a "tight" situation getting tampons in, steer clear of the Diva Cup!

We both use reusable pads (Lindsay's awesome Etsy shop "Naturally Hip" has wonderful products!). And, since experiencing the wonderful absorbancy and feel of reusable pads, don't even feel the need for tampons or the Diva Cup.

Feb 24, 2012
8:18 AM

I can't tell when the giveaway ends. But I think it would be awesome to try it. I started getting infections from using pantiliners every day so I became interested in reusable cloth. I've wanted to try a cup but they're very expensive and I'm not sure I'd be able to do it since it took me ten years to learn to use a tampon.

Feb 23, 2012
1:47 PM

their pretty convent and awesome I would never go back, hoping to win the kit for a good friend of mine. She's a student and started having reactions recently so I would love to giver her something to help her out health wise and money wise

Feb 23, 2012
11:40 AM

I would love to try this but the only thing is I have no money to menstrual supplies. Right now my family is cant afford something like this. I would love a Diva Cup Kit though!

God Bless LunaGals and Thank you for this giveaway!

-Cute Katy

Feb 23, 2012
11:30 AM

What a great organization to be a part of. i'd love to try these products too!

Feb 22, 2012
6:04 PM

I was actually wondering about that. I was talking to my friend and I thought I had come up with the idea of reusable pads. Which is actually a very old idea. I knew someone who had used the cup before, and said it was wonderful and could still make love while she was on her priod. Also that her period only lasted two days. But maybe that isn't due to the cup. Anyway if we follow the pattern is there some kind of layered water resistent material that we should use? What do you suggest? Thanks!

Feb 22, 2012
5:22 PM

My beef with the menstral cup is that you cannot be fitted. I bought the size that the sales person recommended, paid a lot of money for it only to find out I needed the other size and couldn't return it. I was upset and it was a waste of my money. Will never try them again. However… the washable pads are great.

Feb 22, 2012
1:05 PM

I am so happy that the alternatives exist. I would love to try them out.

Feb 22, 2012
12:39 PM

As a cloth diapering mom, I would love to change over to cloth. As a mom of a young 10 year old daughter, I would also love the opportunity to start her on cloth from the get go!

Feb 22, 2012
12:21 PM

You can use sea sponges (different sizes) as well, pre-wet (squeeze out till just damp) and insert. Wash in hot water, a bit of non toxic soap, rinse again. You can also add a little peroxide and make sure to air dry. The vagina is non sterile, so sea sponges work beautifully and are non irritating.

Feb 22, 2012
11:31 AM

Can you tell me what to do with old car seats? How to recycle them? Thanks Jane

Feb 21, 2012
11:23 PM

I feel so inspired to be more eco friendly. I really want try Divacup and Lunapads so much!

Feb 21, 2012
7:15 PM

I absolutely LOVE my Lunapads and would never go back to disposable ones. They're so soft and comfortable, no disposable could ever compare. Plus they're environmentally responsible and so cost-effective. I recommend them to everyone :)

Feb 21, 2012
6:49 PM

I've always been a pad girl, thanks to being terrified of Toxic Shock Syndrome, but the Divacup has my attention!

Feb 21, 2012
6:46 PM

Thanks for sharing, I made the switch almost 3 yrs ago and I wish I would have switched sooner. Lunapads and the Diva Cup are awesome, eco friendly options!

Feb 21, 2012
6:05 PM

I would recommend cloth pads at least at night for those who are hesitant to switch to all the time use. They are way more comfortable. I switched to Lunapads after I developed an allergy to disposables and would like to try the divacup!

Feb 21, 2012
6:03 PM

I'd love to try a cup or reusable pads, as I've had a horrible reoccurring issue that the doctors couldn't figure out….. but it only happened once a month and stopped when I got pregnant and since I had my baby (aka: since my periods stopped). They thought it was yeast, the next month they'd say it was BV, the month after that they would say it was nothing at all… but always the same symptoms. I think it was from the tampons.

Feb 21, 2012
5:55 PM

love the Pads4Girls charity, what a great idea! Would love to win the diva cup and pantyliners :)

Feb 21, 2012
5:24 PM

Interesting blog. I am now a proud cloth diapering mom which has me think about using lunapads for myself. Winning would be a great way to make the switch!

Feb 21, 2012
5:14 PM

I would love to win a DivaCup Kit with Lunapads mini pantyliners! I have used mama cloth but would prefer a cup instead.

Feb 21, 2012
4:01 PM

My period is not eco-friendly, sadly. I have to admit that I have not had much luck trying to eco-fy it. The Keeper did not work for me (I leaked like crazy) and I have trouble with my homemade reusable cloth pads on heavy days.

I still have guilt because of all the bleach and plastic in my disposable pads, but they feel like the cleanest and most convenient options at this time. However, I would love to be convinced otherwise. I hope the Diva Cup is the right product for me!

Feb 21, 2012
12:09 PM

Would love to try this. The garbage created the traditional way is worrisome. How can we get others to be interested without them "making that face"?

Feb 21, 2012
11:43 AM

Would love to try the diva cup, as my cup from an other company doesn't fit really well.

Feb 21, 2012
11:01 AM

I'm an organic cotton tampon girl, but I still worry about the waste. I have been intimidated by the thought of menstrual cups, but really would like to give it a try. From friends who use them, I hear only good things.

Feb 21, 2012
10:40 AM

I've been thinking of trying these since many of my friends do. Thanks!

Feb 21, 2012
10:07 AM

Six months into being a new Mom, and still breastfeeding, I got my darned period. I've been meaning to check out more sustainable options for myself. Sort of hypocritical since we use cloth diapers for the babe. Anyhow, thanks for the post!

Feb 21, 2012
1:01 AM

I have not used any of the above products yet, but I was actually disappointed to have ended my period when my order of Luna Pads arrived. I have used many disposable products and after 18 years of cycles I have become sensitive to the multitude of chemicals in the disposable products. So the search for something else began and led me to Luna Pads. I am actually excited for a new cycle to begin so I can enjoy a chemical free and comfortable period. The eco-friendliness is a great bonus too! :)

Feb 20, 2012
10:39 PM

Commenting for the sake of winning!

Feb 20, 2012
6:49 PM

Interesting stuff :) I always like trying something new.

Feb 20, 2012
6:06 PM

ummm y do we have to talk about periods….. groan

Feb 20, 2012
5:55 PM

I'm working on the transition to a more eco-friendly period-I've been using organic cotton products for years, but haven't yet made the leap to reusables. Maybe I'll win the draw and get started!

Feb 20, 2012
5:30 PM

I switched to organic pads and tampons about a year ago due to so much irritation, however, I've always wanted to make the switch to an even more eco-friendly product for my cycle. In two months time I will be moving to the arctic and it seems like such a waste to order mass quantities of pads and tampons and waste fuel to ship them up when I could have something reusable. I'd love to win a kit to bring up with me if I could be so lucky. :)

Thanks for all the great blogs and information on your site.

Feb 20, 2012
5:18 PM

As a teen the health nurse thought I was misplacing my teenage angst when I asked her for another way to live through my period.

I've been following cloth for a few years and recommend it to all, much to the chargrin of my mother (who swears anything reusable means low-class). Pooh on her, I say, I'm satisfied with the softness, the simplicity of it, and the wonderfully warm feeling I get when I take them out of the dryer.

Keep it clean, LUNAgals, our earth (and our bodies) are living well because of you all.

Feb 20, 2012
4:38 PM

I love Lunapads. They are more comfy than disposables and I find they are way better quality. since I swotched I have never looked back.

Feb 20, 2012
4:21 PM

Diva cups are great! I've been using one for a few years, and I love it! But I wouldn't mind some fabric pads for small leaks and such…

Feb 20, 2012
4:20 PM

I'd love cloth pads! I wasn't keen on the menstrual cup, but that's just me. Cloth pads, though, I could totally use.

Feb 20, 2012
4:10 PM

I love my reusable menstrual products. I love that there are no chemicals and the diva cup is way better than tampons!

Feb 20, 2012
4:07 PM

Wonderful product! Wish they were more widely available in the southern U.S. so I could buy them!

Feb 20, 2012
3:58 PM

I LOVE LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since i can remember ive had problems with disposables and tampons. I discovered in my teens that IM ALLERGIC TO ALL DISPOSABLE FEM MIN PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wuz hard going to school while on my peroid cuz i cudnt use disposables and my clothes wud get ruined, so many issues and problems i wuz jus plane misserable. I got older and able to buy luna and its saved my life and my clothes!!!! Im not depressed self concuse, and to top it off NO MORE RUINED CLOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LUNA GALLS!!!!! YOUVE SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!

Feb 20, 2012
3:49 PM

Yes! My period is eco-friendly! I've been using my DivaCup for a year and a half, and mama cloth for about a year. And I'm never going back.

For me, purchasing my DivaCup was the first real step I took in becoming green in my every day life. Yes, I recycled, but that's about as far as it went. I now use only eco-friendly cleaners (I buy vinegar in bulk), use soapnuts for laundry and in the dishwasher, and a number of other things. Being green is a lot simpler than people think. It's just a matter of breaking old patterns, and finding what works the best for you.

Feb 20, 2012
3:12 PM

Would love to win! Just beginning my journey on becoming more Eco friendly this would greatly help :)

Feb 20, 2012
2:55 PM

I switched years ago to using luna pads and finally switched to the Diva cup and only in emergency situations do I use disposable products. It's a slightly taboo subject to talk about but women are always so interested when you tell them that you aren't using "the normal products" out there. I've converted a few friends and my sisters :)

Feb 20, 2012
2:45 PM

I've just started looking into cloth options. I'd love to try lunapads. They were the first cloth I've heard of.

Feb 20, 2012
2:36 PM

I switched over 15 years ago to a menstrual cup and it has been the best thing ever! I used to get sick from tampons and terrible rashes from pads. I tried the Keeper, and to this day I still find it the best yet! I have tried the Diva Cup but I seem to get a reaction to the silicon, The Keeper is natural rubber. I have been looking in to home made pads as of late with my due date arriving and a menstrual cup will not be possible.

I think the cups are the best!!! :)

Feb 20, 2012
2:18 PM

Love, Love, Love both Lunapds and Diva Cup. They make life easier and make me feel more comfortable during my period. I consider that to be a win-win.

Feb 20, 2012
2:14 PM

Thanks so much for spreading the word about eco-friendly menstrual alternatives!

Feb 20, 2012
2:05 PM

Great information, I've always wondered about those products!

Feb 20, 2012
1:18 PM

I've been thinking about switching and have found some sewing patterns to make them.. but too busy to get to it! would love to have a kit to get me started!

Great post! We are got used to the disposable diapers and pads, it's time to get back to cloth!

Feb 20, 2012
12:23 PM

I suppose it is time to really think about having an eco-period, thanks for posting this I never thought of it in that way before. I would love to try out some of these products.

Feb 20, 2012
12:13 PM

Love it! I have a mooncup and definitely prefer it to the alternative.

I think my periods are the most ecofriendly of them all — lactational amenorrhoea from extended breastfeeding means no period for 2.5 years and counting. :)

Feb 20, 2012
11:55 AM

Great post! Thanks for bringing reusable moon stuff into the limelight. A lot of women are making the switch! I haven't tried Lunapads or a DivaCup and would love to! Maybe it's time to finally place that order!

Feb 20, 2012
11:54 AM

We have been conditioned to believe that its "gross" to wash and reuse something — especially when it comes to our menstruation. Sincerely, it is not near as gross as you'd think it would be. And in fact, you can learn a lot about your health from using a menstrual cup!! :)
Thanks for this, Queen of Green!!

Feb 20, 2012
11:51 AM

I've been using the cup and lunapads for almost two years now and never looked back!

Feb 20, 2012
11:40 AM

I'm excited about making the switch to cloth.

Feb 20, 2012
11:09 AM

I have always wanted to try the Diva Cup. It sounds awesome!

Feb 20, 2012
11:08 AM

I have been wanting to try cloth pads! After my first period postpartum, I realized how yucky disposable pads feel. We cloth diaper, so it makes sense as an extension of that. I know how awful disposable diapers are, but it never clicked that disposable feminine products are the same thing! Yikes!

Feb 20, 2012
10:58 AM

I have been very curious about these items since I discovered them when i started cloth diapering my DD but have yet to take the plunge!

Feb 20, 2012
10:58 AM

I am just in the process of switching over to cloth pads. I haven't tried the menstrual cup yet but I hope to soon.

Feb 20, 2012
10:57 AM

I am sooo jealous of all the women that get to use this product. My uterus was damaged during childbirth and had to be removed. But all my years of menustrating I Prayed for a product such as this so I could help my Environment.

But good news, I have a Daughter who is Blossoming and I am going to start Saving $$$ Now so I can purchase the DivaCup Starter Kit along with some extra LunaPads for when my Precious Daughter has come into Full Bloom. I am also Praying that her Friends Will Follow in suit and also Start by Using the DivaCup and LunaPads.

I almost Wish I still had my Uterus lol, just so I could try these Wonderful and amazing products that will Not Harm Our Environment any further.

Thank You for this Wonderful Invention and once my Daughter has come into Full Bloom I will write another comment to let You know how She and Hopefully Her friends are doing with the product.

Talk to You again soon, Kaycee :D

Feb 20, 2012
10:45 AM

I am seriously considering the switch to cloth. I cloth diaper both my children so it only makes perfect sense that I myself use cloth! It is astonishing to think back and realize just how many feminine products I myself have put into the landfills.

Feb 20, 2012
10:37 AM

Would LOVE to win a Diva Cup and Luna Pads~!

Feb 20, 2012
10:33 AM

I've always been curious to try this product but never have. Your blog made me check out the website and now I am seriously considering it. I feel pretty guilty every month as I open yet another little plastic package. I've been loving being without that part of 'womanhood' for the last year and a half as I had a baby….but when the time comes, it would be a good time to make the switch from disposable to sustainable!

Feb 20, 2012
10:03 AM

I would love to give it a try. Living on a tight budget it's hard to put out the initial expense all at once in the beginning, even though I know it's money saving in the long run. Winning a kit would go a long way to see if I can make a greener period work!

Feb 20, 2012
8:58 AM

I have been disposie free for 3 years now. it is bliss, utter bliss. until your period comes unexpectedly while camping and you go to the local store and there is nothing but pads and tampons.

I have been spreading the word of reusable bads and menstrual cups to friends and family since my conversion. I would love to be able to gift this to a young cousin of mine who will be approaching the world of menstration sooner than later.

Feb 20, 2012
8:57 AM

I love the Pads4Girls program — thank you for bringing it to our attention! I used a Divacup for the first time during the 2 periods between my period coming back after having my first baby and getting pregnant with #2. What a difference!!! I was shocked and glad to have finally taken the plunge. I would love to try the lunapads as well.

Feb 20, 2012
8:54 AM

Thanks for the win opportunity!

Feb 20, 2012
8:49 AM

Queen of Green you've done it again! Thank you for introducing me to another amazing local, eco-friendly business. I am looking forward to supporting this company and making the switch!

Feb 20, 2012
7:07 AM

i loved your site, thanks!

Feb 19, 2012
10:44 PM

Thanks for an informative post! I was buying 'Natracare' products in an attempt to be more environmental, but hadn't made any further steps. After reading this, I'll make sure to pick up a Diva Cup (unless by chance, I can win one!) — something that a friend had suggested but I hadn't gotten around to yet. Thanks for a great reminder to get on to it!

Feb 19, 2012
5:34 AM

I've used a Diva Cup for years now — and, like you said, would NEVER switch back. I can't imagine using anything else. I have a daughter approaching puberty and would love to be prepared with the right supplies on hand for when she needs them.

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