Photo: Safely dispose of toxic household cleaners

This is a face of a dog that wants you to take our home cleaners survey! (Credit: Jodi Garwood)

Meet Arthur. He's a wiener dog. And this is his "please take our home cleaners survey face."

Little did he know that an episode of dog boredom would lead to his becoming the poster dog for household cleaner disposal.

Arthur's pack leader (my friend) had switched her conventional home cleaners for my DIY recipes, and was quite pleased with herself. But she still had some store-bought laundry soap whose cap strayed from the container.

Enter Arthur...

In between a nap and scratch (or, at least that's how I picture it) Arthur, in all his wiener dog wisdom, decided the stray cap was the perfect chew toy.

Can you say "very expensive vet bill"? Arthur's adventure turned into 48 hours of intravenous treatment.

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Luckily, Arthur survived his run-in with poison—aka big brand laundry detergent—but it was miserable (think the complete opposite of cheery).

Moral of the story: Whether you choose to shop smarter for "green" store-bought home cleaners or make your own, ignore my previous "finish what you have first" advice. Safely dispose of all your household hazardous waste, including cleaners with hazard symbols.

Do it for all of the Arthurs out there! (And babies, and grown-ups, and the planet).

Not certain about the potentially harmful ingredients in your household cleaners? Join the club.

Help the David Suzuki Foundation find out more about the home cleaning products Canadians use. Fill out our short survey in the time it took you to feel sorry for Arthur!

Where have you taken household hazardous waste for safe disposal?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

April 1, 2012

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Apr 06, 2012
5:37 PM

I have switched to White vinegar to clean everything almost a year ago… I buy Eco-friendly biodegradable laundry detergent… the only toxic thing I still use is toilet bowl cleaner… What would you suggest to replace it with ?


Apr 03, 2012
9:16 AM

Cute dog!

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