Photo: My letter from Windex®

I prefer to clean with cheap and effective DIY options like vinegar and water for glass and mirrors. (Credit: Jill Watson via Flickr)

I officially broke up with Windex® because they don't list ingredients on their products. See for yourself when you take our home cleaners survey. But get this, they wrote back!


We're sorry to hear you're breaking up with Windex®.

Like you, we think it's important for the people who use our home cleaning products to know what's in their favorite ones. So, before you say goodbye, we hope you'll take a few minutes to get the real facts about the ingredients in Windex® at

Please also know our commitment to list ingredients on Windex® labels is well underway, and you should see them on our products at your local stores this summer.

Because we value our relationship, we too want you to get the whole story and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

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Best regards,

Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company

I checked out this whole story. Windex® ingredients are listed on their website—more than what most cleaning product companies provide. But I choose to stay away from harmful ingredients such as ammonia, fragrance and dyes. Now that my suspicions have been confirmed, I'll stick with vinegar and water.

I also found the SC Johnson FAQs section fascinating:

Question: Aren't natural products better?

Answer: "Not necessarily. "Natural" or home remedies are not necessarily safer, effective or lower in allergens. In fact, many natural products undergo limited or no scientific testing compared to the extensive toxicological evaluations that companies like SC Johnson require for their product formulations."

Question: Why do you use fragrance in your products?

Answer: "Consumers tell us they love fragrances...most of our testing shows that the majority of people love fragranced household products."

Question: Why use dyes?

Answer: "Dyes, preservatives and fragrances provide valuable benefits. Dyes are an important visual cue that helps you know where you're spraying a product and, in fact, that it's the product you intended to use."

Now that we know they're listening, let SC Johnson know you're looking forward to seeing ingredients listed on their products this summer! Find them on Facebook or @SCJGreenChoices.

What surprised you the most when you entered your home cleaners into our survey?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

May 13, 2012

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Nov 23, 2016
7:47 PM

Windex always made me choke from the smell of chemicals. Fired them years ago!

May 05, 2015
5:33 AM

Always found it odd they never had the ingredients or any kind of toxic warnings on it. Switched over to Vinegar long ago, and find it does a better job for a lot of cleaning chores. A lot of people don’t like the smell, but it really doesn’t last long at all, and you can add a bit of lemon juice if it really bothers you.

Aug 27, 2012
4:24 PM

Queen of Green, have you heard of Norwex??? Their enviro cloths and window polishing cloths are amazing and all you need is water!! No vinegar required and definitely no windex!

Jun 07, 2012
12:02 PM

Aaaahahahaha!! Yes, I would never know where I'd sprayed it if it weren't for that bright blue color!

Jun 07, 2012
9:49 AM

I've been endeavoring to remove harmful and toxic chemicals from my arsenal of cleaning supplies as well and have been a long-time user of Windex® Multi-Surface Vinegar partly for this reason. I got nervous when I saw your post, thinking "did I overlook something" with this product, but it appears not: It seems to be free of ammonia and dyes and works extremely well on all surfaces, including windows and mirrors. Windex isn't all bad- I think I'll stick with this one!

Jun 02, 2012
11:54 AM

Oh corporations that put profit over people and good health will never care enough to remove all of the toxic ingredients. They simply care more about their bottom line and seem to have convinced themselves that what they are doing is okay. Their response to the question "aren't natural products better" is a joke.

Thanks Lindsay!

Windex stinks in more ways than one and hopefully more people will break up with them.

May 24, 2012
2:11 PM

I Like Windex and use it sparingly I also use vinegar nd water.

May 14, 2012
3:43 PM

Those fragrances, they have the effect of covering up the 'might not be good for me smell' that the twinge from ammonia gives me. I can see why fragrance might induce customers to purchase the product if you're not allergic, but in my opinion they really amount to a form of advertising deception that the customer pays for with every purchase.

White vinegar and water works great too. Thanks Lindsay!

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