Photo: I'm proud to be radically Canadian. Are you?

Is it so radical to care about endangered spaces, places and the species that also call Canada home like this Burrowing Owl?

Canadians are known the world over for being nice, saying sorry a lot and pronouncing "about"—"aboot" (though no one I know does).

Recently, those of us traditionally labelled as "environmentalists"—I prefer the term "humanitarian"—have also been called "radicals".

Well, if taking a stand to stop my federal government from gutting environmental protections—with less consultation, less monitoring, less independent science, and less scrutiny of major resource extraction projects—makes me a radical, so be it! If the (eco-friendly) shoe fits, I'll wear it!

I care about protecting nature—that's why I'm doing the work I do. And I'm not sorry (how un-Canadian of me) for taking a stand to ensure that my as yet unborn child might have a chance at a more sustainable future.

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I know you already know saving the planet isn't a spectator sport. You're doing what you can to tread lightly on the Earth. From now until Canada Day, the David Suzuki Foundation is also asking you to declare yourself "radically Canadian" and join us as a monthly donor.

I'm doing it. David Suzuki is doing it, too.

In fact, we've had an amazing response, with over 500 new monthly donors coming on board in the last week alone.

Just $5 or $10 per month can make an enormous difference. That's less than the cost of an eco-friendly stick of deodorant! It's one way to have your voice heard. And you'll support my work that so many Canadians have come to rely on, and a community you've helped build.

Big thanks to everyone who's already signed up!

Are you radically Canadian?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

June 17, 2012

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