Photo: Homemade hair care recipes

Make hair spray with lemons or oranges for a simple, sticky styling aid. (Credit: Brooke MacDonald)

Don't compost that browning avocado. Whip up a batch of my avocado hair paste instead! Wonder what to do with all the peppermint and lavender in your garden? Make my herbal tea shampoo.

My eight simple hair care recipes (including dog shampoo) will help you avoid toxic chemicals found in many cosmetics—from SLS and SLES to parabens and fragrance—and help reduce food waste, all at the same time!

These DIY hair care recipes are tested by moi (I took a bullet for you when I experimented with a honey and olive oil recipe). You'll find all the ingredients in your kitchen, a local health food store or organic grocer, or in your garden.

(Note: Always label your homemade concoctions. My husband mistook my bowl of avocado hair mask for guacamole at least once. Good thing it's made with food-grade ingredients.)

Benefits of natural ingredients in homemade cosmetics

Avocado: packed with protein and natural oils rich in Vitamins A and B

Aloe juice or gel: excellent moisturizer that enhances and accelerates skin cell growth

Lemon juice: natural astringent that opens pores and restores the pH balance of oily skin

Lavender: antiseptic toner (great for oily skin)

Nettle: stimulates hair growth

Witch hazel: natural astringent and toner

Want more details? Check out all of my fun facts on homemade ingredients.

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Anti-dandruff hair rinse recipe

Dandruff can be caused by hormonal disturbances, diet, stress or a fungal infection. Consult your doctor if you've had a condition for a long time. For immediate relief, try using this rinse daily to control itching and flaking.

• 2 cups water
• 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
• 5 drops tea tree essential oil
• 5 drops rosemary essential oil

Mix and store in a squirt bottle. Shake well, massage in after shampooing and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. (Always do a test patch as essential oils are potent.)

What are your favourite natural hair remedies and recipes?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

July 8, 2012

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Apr 04, 2017
1:03 AM

Nice information

Nov 13, 2016
7:56 AM

I have oily hair. For oily hair gives dandruff it more of a problem. Boys are more dandruff in the head. Using shampoo or conditioner occurs Dandruff after 3-4 days. However, what should we do to get better results?

Mar 09, 2016
8:09 AM

That is so easy to do with this recipe. I did it yesterday and get a great result.

Feb 25, 2016
5:00 AM

I am amazed to know different tips for hair care. Thank you! For sharing the content through this article. I will definitely follow these recipes. natural hair care

Nov 17, 2015
10:55 AM

Thank you for this great recipes For more Homemade Natural Shampoo Read This Article :

Apr 28, 2015
5:21 PM

Here’s something I just discovered and dying to share with you. Many of us already know the amazing benefits of coconut oil, right? Well, it also makes a fantastic skin moisturizer, but the problem is that it is relatively solid at room temps, so I mix in olive oil 50/50 and voila. It’s the perfect after-shower moisturizer for your skin and hair! It works far better (and cheaper) than any quality skin creams I have tried. Just make sure your body is still moist when you apply it to help it spread on your skin easier. Alternatively, mix the mix with wet hands before applying. You can keep it in a squeeze bottle and shake it beforehand (I use a wide-mouth jar). The only thing is that you must be a little patient for it to be absorbed. I just brush my teeth and take my after-shower time easy. You will be amazed how soft your skin and hair will feel!

On another note, does it really have to be apple cider vinegar? White vinegar is much cheaper and chemically similar. I would rather use the apple one for cooking and use the white one for all the other practical uses. Just asking.

Aug 16, 2014
2:20 PM

Re: Anti-dandruff hair rinse recipe Please elaborate on the roles of the essential oils and how to do a patch test. Thank you

Feb 20, 2014
7:04 AM


I am experimenting with using green diy products instead of continuing to use chemical laden products on my skin and hair.

I had a question in regards to using baking soda on skin and scalp. The scalp has a pH range of 4.5 to 5.5 (acidic) and baking soda has a pH of 8.3 to 9.0 (alkaline).

So because baking soda is so alkaline and skin is more acidic, is it really a good choice for scalp or skin care? When applying a substance with a greater pH than 7 (more alkaline than hair) it decomposes the hair’s acid mantle and begins eating away at the hair’s outer cuticle layer.

Also most baking sodas are man made, although you can get naturally mined baking soda. Do you recommend the natural over the man made, even though both are the same chemically?

Also, I also saw online where someone used pH strips to test Dr. Bronner’s castille soap which I use and it had a pH of 10. Very alkaline. I have been using this soap for a long time on my skin and now wonder if it is too alkaline to maintain a proper acid mantle on my skin. I still have dry skin issues.

Thanks so much for you green recipe ideas.


Jan 20, 2014
11:51 AM

To promote hair growth and fullness I recently began putting a few drops of rosemary essential oils on my brush. Not only is my hair thick and lovely, but I smell of rosemary all day long!

Aug 06, 2013
8:08 AM

QoG I just tried the baking soda Apple cider vinegar combo and I freaking love it! I have eczema-prone skin and long straight hair and this ticks all the boxes. I also made my own combo of chamomile and fresh aloe gel toner which works a treat. I’m going to try an oatmeal face scrub next, and one of the aloe hair pastes. Exciting!

Oct 03, 2012
7:03 AM

Well home made remedies are always good and natural. For hair loss problem home remedies are best but one must take some care while using it. Some precautions needs to be taken care while using it.

Oct 02, 2012
4:50 PM

I want to buy and use hand dish soap that's made here in Canada, or the USA…. not imported from China

Aug 15, 2012
11:37 AM

Yep Marnie! I promote both baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar in my hair care recipes resource.


Aug 14, 2012
1:32 PM

I question whether it has been scientifically proven that nettle stimulates hair growth. Being able to determine the validity of such statements is difficult. One would have to have access to the research and be able to interpret it. That is why I count on reputable organizations like The David Suzuki Foundation to inform me. When I read the part about nettle, my radar went up. The result, I started questioning the validity of all the content. Just my thoughts.

Aug 10, 2012
9:37 AM

Have you ever tried the baking soda shampoo followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse to condition? I find it pretty useful. Also, I find the vinegar rinse particularly nice in hard water conditions.

Thanks for your work!

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