Photo: No diapers. No waste. Green babies go pee-pee on the potty!

At four-months old, baby Wyn loves to use the potty. And his mom loves less laundry and the lighter environmental footprint.

It's been five months since we last spoke. Lindsay here — the original Queen of Green.

While my replacement Tovah has been enlightening you on the topics of countertop sprouting, our right to a healthy environment and homemade Easter egg dyes, I'm immersed in baby sign language classes, story time at the library, mom and tot swimming and potty training. You heard me, potty training!

A large part of my quest to have a green baby was to go diaper-free or practice elimination communication (EC). I'm here to tell you it works (and it's easier than you think)!

My newborn son, Wyn, peed on the potty at 13 days old. I'm not kidding.

At four months old he uses the potty five or six times a day, as long as I'm not lazy and offer it. Even if you're using eco-friendly cloth diapers, it makes a huge difference. After all, cloth diapers need a cold water rinse, then a hot wash, arguably special diaper soap and what feels like a day in the dryer (cause I haven't bought enough to take the time to hang to dry).

I challenge new moms and dads out there (as if you're short on challenges) — give it a try.

Here's how: after your baby wakes from a nap or immediately after a diaper change, hold your baby over the toilet or an infant potty and make this noise, psssssss. I guarantee, you'll be surprised.

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While I've missed inspiring the Queen of Green audience, rest assured I've taken my "green" ideas to various mom groups. I've got them putting their newborns on the potty, going scent-free, and doing baby massage and bath time with non-toxic products, too.

This parenthood gig is no easy task. I commend all of you moms and dads who are doing your best and have added "protect the planet" to your already full daily "to do" lists.


Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

March 12, 2013

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Sep 10, 2014
4:17 PM

awesome. We used cloth, and as a result both our kids were out of diapers by 18 months — we were pretty happy about this. My wife’s mother, from vietnam, had no idea how to put a diaper on a baby. What? Who put the diapers on the kids? “We didn’t use diapers” she said. They used the exact method you describe. It works.

Sep 03, 2014
6:03 AM

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Apr 26, 2014
5:38 AM

our months old he uses the potty five or six times a day, as long as I’m not lazy and offer it.

Jan 09, 2014
1:50 AM

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Sep 09, 2013
2:40 AM

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May 31, 2013
2:59 PM

What kind of potty is sheon in the picture?

May 19, 2013
7:35 PM

Although I have no children, I loved your baby potty training. Made me smile as that is exactly the way one trains a puppy. Take them out as soon as they eat and as soon as they wake. Potty on.

Apr 20, 2013
2:56 AM

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Mar 17, 2013
11:54 AM

This article inspired me to try this with my 6 week old baby. I am so excited! He has gone on the toilet 5 times today! If I saved 5 diapers every day it would save me around 75 loads of laundry a year. Talk about positive impact! We will see how this goes…

Mar 17, 2013
3:08 AM

Props to moms who can do this, I’m going to stick to cloth, I figure if you follow every other green parenting option out there this is the one to skip. Would have worked great right up until we hit solids, when regularity of BM just went out the window.

Mar 16, 2013
10:34 PM

It’s wonderful that its working out for both of you. But, I remember reading a lot many articles and having a long discussions about children being potty trained at an early age. In india it’s done a lot and there have been concerns that squatting or going to the toilet at an early age can cause physical issues later on especially in girls. I’m not a doctor, hence won’t venture what is the right approach. Just wanted to share a cautious approach.

Mar 16, 2013
9:26 PM

Yes….potty time means a perfect time to introduce the alternative to toilet paper!! Please see my blog@

Mar 16, 2013
8:33 PM

From a psychodynamic view (psychology and child development) there can be a negative effect on the child if you try and hurry toilet training from what I understand.

Mar 16, 2013
8:00 PM

Wonderful to see that you are doing this. When I worked in the Everest area of Nepal for seven years, this was the common practice among Sherpa women. They would hold the baby across their laps, with it legs up so there was a bit of gentle pressure on the belly, and say ‘pssssssss’. The baby would then usually do both onto a piece of paper or cloth (or your potty). It is really sad to see young Sherpa women now using diapers for their babies.

Mar 16, 2013
6:51 PM

Though I feel I am very open-minded and have looked in EC, I think anyone who wants to give it a try needs to read this article from the post above written by a pediatric urologist (the link is below) and do some more research as well. It is essential to allow your child’s body to develop naturally. The long-term issues are difficult to see at present but must be researched before trying EC. We have become such a “results NOW’ society we can’t seem to wait for anything anymore. Not even for our kids to learn to use the bathroom themselves. Everything is a process with kids and they need and deserve each process. Get all the facts first and make an educated decision so your kids don’t have long-term issues. They will be WAY worse then any poopy diaper you ever had to change. And switch to cloth if you haven’t already. Diapering is not all that bad. Still much better then many other of the issues encountered in the first year or two.

Mar 16, 2013
5:42 PM

I just want to offer an opposing view, as someone with an incurable terribly painful bladder illness and someone who works in the child development field. (link to Steve Hodge’s studies on voiding issues with children) cites MANY well done studies for reasons why conditioning babies and toddlers to use the potti instead of potti training naturally can cause long term health problems. I live with some of those problems (the thickening bladder wall as a result of holding as mentioned in one study) and it’s incredibly painful and brutal and the pain can cause muscle spasms in your hips, back, and legs. I AM ALL FOR SAVING THE PLANET. I respect what you do, your right as a parent, and you using your own discretion. I just don’t think it’s fair to present this without all the information like it doesn’t have some very real downsides.

Mar 16, 2013
5:12 PM

Would a flat diaper that you fold yourself not be much less work (and water, soap and hydro) to clean and dry than the usual sort you see these days? A bit a pain to fold for sure but clean and dry fast. Way to go on using the no diaper method, that’s a huge commitment to make and a lot of hard work!

Mar 16, 2013
3:29 PM

In China, babies don’t wear diapers. All baby clothes are open at the bum. They’re completely toilet-trained by a year old. My Chinese friend couldn’t believe it when she first saw Canadian toddlers wearing diapers. She thought we were all completely out of her mind! She’d brought her own baby clothes, and any she bought here in Canada, she had to cut the bums out. She would kind of bend her baby (12 weeks old when she arrived here) over a big bowl after every nap and snack.

Mar 16, 2013
3:10 PM

My friends thought I was going to cause my girl harm by starting her “potty” training so early. I was a single mom, and had her in a sling most of the time. I just knew when she would pee, and often just held her over the toilet. For some reason, she only poo’d ever couple days (I was breastfeeding exclusively) and she would make a certain face when she was going to to poo — so that was easy too! I can’t say I always caught her, as at the time it was not my goal, I just found that I often knew when anything was coming.

She was doing her deeds on her own at about the usual time for toddlers, just before her 2nd birthday.

It is cool to see that it can be done, and save the environment!

Mar 13, 2013
7:31 PM

To be clear. Wyn does wear diapers. A cool milestone has been taking off a dry diaper after 2-3 hours! It’s as if he’s waiting to be offered the potty. Best of luck to you all, Lindsay

Mar 13, 2013
4:36 PM

Thank you for this!

Why do you hold them over a potty right after a diaper change? Can you explain this?

Mar 13, 2013
11:45 AM

Thank you for this information Lindsay, I also used the elimination method with my now 8 year old daughter. I started from day one! It’s important to mention that the baby has his or her own rithym and the mother’s job is to tune into it. After a few months that rithym changes, so stay alert. Also the baby will begin to give you body language hints that he or she has to go. My daughter was done potty training by 8 months, she was walking and running by then. I think that not having that bulky dipper between their legs allows for faster and easier walking. And lastly, the final stage of potty training is at night time. What a lot of the mothers don’t realize is that when the baby wakes up it’s not because it has to go (babies will not pie or poop in their sleep), but because the baby is about to go. So when the baby wakes up at night its is time to put it on the potty. Also the sound of running water really helps. And do mention that babies learn this from their mother more or less on a phychic level. So when you are squatting your baby it helps for you to also relax those musheles as if you were going pee yourself, and let the baby know telepathically what you want him or her to do. And after the first time the baby goes it is important to do positive confirmation so that he or she will know what you want of them next time.

Mar 13, 2013
4:57 AM

Go Linz!

Mar 12, 2013
10:20 AM

Way to go, Wyn! Your ECing buddy Kasper sends high fives and giggles. :D

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