Photo: Pop up a picnic

Get into nature with a pop up picnic. (Credit: queen_of_subtle via Flickr)

If you're two weeks into the 30×30 Nature Challenge, you're probably starting to feel the benefits of increased time in the great outdoors! How did you ever get through your day with such a nature deficit? (Actually, it was with about 20 per cent less concentration and 20 per cent more stress — but that's a post for another day).

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More than 10,000 Canadians joined the challenge just in the first week!

This fact made me sit back (against a tree in the park) and ask myself (while listening to the birds sing): What is it about this that's striking a chord? Have we finally reached a tipping point, where our innate desire to feel connected to the Earth can no longer be contained within the walls of an office cubicle and an urban landscape?

A girl can hope!

After two minutes of quiet contemplation, my shoulders relaxed, my breath became fuller and the constant buzzing in my head gave way to clear thought.

What popped into my head: more people need to do this!

All through the month of May, your friends, family and coworkers can join the 30×30 Nature Challenge.

Host a Pop-up Picnic in a nearby park and invite your guests to experience the benefits of nature. Be sure to tell us about your picnic. If it's a public event, we'll send you postcards to hand out and help spread the word.

Just imagine your mother-in-law with a healthy dose of Vitamin N or the fellow at the cubicle next to you taking the time to reduce his stress level.

Yes, more people need to do this! And if you invite them, they just might...

Tovah Paglaro, Queen of Green

P.S. Tell us about your favourite picnic spot in nature (maybe somewhere you'll pop up a 30×30 Nature Challenge picnic) for a chance to win a non-toxic sunscreen to tuck into your picnic basket!

May 13, 2013

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