Photo: Who's radically Canadian?

Proud to be radically Canadian in nature on the East Coast!

Throughout the month of June, David Suzuki Foundation supporters are sharing their reasons for being radically Canadian.

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Their stories are inspiring.

They value nature and feel responsible for protecting the Earth for future generations.

They live in small towns and big cities, near forests and oceans and across great prairies.

They drop their kids off at school, work regular jobs and do their best to balance hockey practices, deadlines and compost piles.

Most are folks like you and me, who know we could do more, could do better, if only the system would shift.

As a tot, I bounced around in a backpack on my father's shoulders while he hunted for our food. We picked berries from bushes and fished from lakes. He hunted with a friend — rarely alone — and always shared the bounty with our community. When an animal gave its life to sustain ours, he offered thanks. Nothing was wasted.

Our place in community and in nature was defining, unquestionable and beautiful.

In those days, the global population was approximately 4.5 billion. Today there are more than seven billion people sharing this planet. We can't all forage for fish and berries in small towns.

But we can and we must choose to live with the same reverence for nature — the same understanding of interdependence — that I'm so grateful to have received. That can't only happen on an individual level. We need a community of shared environmental values and a system that supports them.

A playmate's parent recently chastised my five-year-old daughter's explanation of where meat comes from. The other parent thought "from the supermarket" sufficed.

Of course, it doesn't. It completely misses the point.

But it represents a systemic challenge — one you call into question when you stand up and become a radically Canadian monthly donor with the David Suzuki Foundation.

For all the non-toxic pedicures and DIY household cleaners that we commit to, our fundamental well-being depends on our connection to each other and to the Earth.

Don't think you're radically Canadian? Think again!

Tovah Paglaro

June 18, 2013

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Jul 18, 2013
9:48 PM

Become radically Canadian by advocating, as David Suzuki did two weeks ago in France, that Canada declare that it is full and stabilize its population.

Re-cycling toilet paper rolls is not the answer. .

Jul 18, 2013
8:51 PM

I am radically Canadian because despite never receiving recognition or reward I have completed 4 undergraduate degrees (including receiving Cum Laude standing, First Class standing), 2 college diplomas (including receiving the distinction of high honours), and a Graduate Level Degree (all A’s), and even though there is no job for me in my country, I am still standing!

Because I am radically Canadian I work hard without reward or recognition and I continue to strive for a better tomorrow, in which Canadians are free to express their views about all matters that concern them as citizens including the protection of the natural environment, immigration, outsourcing of Canadians jobs and manufacturing, the need for inspection of our waterways, access to good jobs with pensions and benefits! I ask questions and think critically because I am radically Canadian!

Jun 20, 2013
11:28 AM

I am “Radically Canadian” because as everyone here we are also striving for a comfortable future. How we get there is listed on my in my opinion is building and renovating our Homes and Offices into Net Zero Energy Efficient structures. Using Super Insulated Construction in the building Codes. I even spend my time and effort supporting this belief minimum 12-16 hours a-day.

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