Photo: Better back-to-school giveaway: Waste-free lunch makeover

Enter the Better Back To School Brigade waste-free lunch giveaway — valued at over $200 of litterless lunch fun!

When our brigade of better back-to-school bloggers assembled their top ten tips for a green, healthy school year — waste-free lunches quickly rose to first place. Litterless lunches will save you money in the long term (honestly, I dare you to do the math), but the cost of getting set up with an awesome lunch system that makes planning, packing and eating lunch easy can be intimidating.

We've got you covered with this back to school giveaway! Here's what's up for grabs:

1. A Planet Box Shuttle Complete Set: PlanetBox Shuttle is perfect for small meals. The Shuttle Complete set includes a Shuttle stainless steel lunchbox, a tall dipper, a super fun magnet set of your choice, and a compact Shuttle Carry Bag with 4 cool designs to choose from. You — and your young kids — will love this lunch system!

2. A $50 Gift Card for Raspberry Kids: Raspberry Kids is always expanding their extensive collection of Litterless Lunch options for little kids and big kids. Choose from a ton of options!!

3. Abeego Snack and Abeego Wrap: Abeego is handcrafted with an authentic blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil infused into fabric made of hemp and cotton. Abeego Snack is perfect for vegetables, nuts, fruit, granola and more, and holds a ¾ cup snack serving. Abeego Wrap is spacious and well suited for sandwiches, wraps or vegetables.

4. The Rainbow Kit: Today I Ate A Rainbow is an interactive nutritional game that makes eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables fun for kids — and challenges them to eat all five colours every day! The colorful rainbow chart and bright colored magnets will complement your waste free lunch goals by putting the focus on fruits and veggies!

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August 16, 2013

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Aug 31, 2015
3:54 PM

We try to send the least amount of waste that we can in our kids’ lunches. I feel like I am always trying to find that “perfect” container though….one that won’t leak, or let the food spill onto each other. Then we end up with a dozen tiny containers to wash. Still better than garbage, but there must be a better way!

Sep 02, 2013
10:57 PM

Form for entry won’t work so I can’t enter.:(

Sep 02, 2013
10:05 PM

This is the year that I’m going to try the litterless lunch, on all three of the kids. It just takes a little bit of planning but worth it in the long run :)

Aug 28, 2013
2:14 PM

This would be a great gift for my niece!

Aug 28, 2013
5:49 AM

Love this idea….

Aug 27, 2013
10:53 PM

David Suzuki and Queen of Green! When I stop breathing from anxiety for the future of our children and our planet, seeing your names gives me hope and calm to carry forward notching towards change with bare hands. Thank you.

Aug 27, 2013
12:33 PM

Great post! Would love a planet box for my son entering JK!

Aug 27, 2013
8:37 AM

Love it!

Aug 27, 2013
7:00 AM

Our family likes to reuse small mason jars for school lunches. They are perfect for yogurt , carrot sticks etc…

Aug 27, 2013
12:03 AM

weather permitting, my son enjoys walking to and from school. it’s a 15 minute walk to get there but on a nice sunny day we enjoy it so much!

Aug 26, 2013
10:21 PM

I am 100% for waste free lunch! I make/sell re-useable snack sacks. Best things ever!

Aug 26, 2013
9:21 PM

I’m very glad to have learned that even though I thought I was being green with reuseable containers, they are not the correct carrying vessels to use. I strive to make less carbon impact with every newly learned green advise.

Aug 26, 2013
4:28 PM

I have been working hard to promote litter less lunch for my sons since they started school. It helps that their school promotes it as well. Making it a joint effort between parents and the school makes it easier for sure. Keep sharing the great ideas.

Aug 26, 2013
9:33 AM

Our family likes to reuse small mason jars for school lunches. They are perfect for yogurt , carrot sticks etc…

Aug 25, 2013
11:29 PM

I think this is a great movement. I’m in!

Aug 25, 2013
7:02 PM

I ask both my students and my own children leave all uneaten food in their lunch bags. It gives parents (like me!) an idea of how much their child is eating, and wasting.

Aug 22, 2013
12:54 PM

We are trying to be greener every day! This prize would be a great help! Thanks!’

Aug 22, 2013
9:38 AM

These suggestions are great! I would love to see more suggestions that are good for liquids or yogurt because that seems to be a weak point for a lot of lunch systems. I’d also like to see a variety of price points because I don’t think going green should be reserved for those with a big budget and sometimes I feel there is a surcharge because being ecologically minded, in addition to being responsible and caring for our planet, is also trendy, and often companies capitalize on that. Are there creative options for people on a truly tight budget?

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