Photo: Waste-free or status quo? Which lunch is the question.

Waste-free lunches makes sense even if your old-school lunch kit is still good.

When the Better Back to School Brigade assembled our Top 10 back-to-school tips, waste-free lunches quickly rose to the top.

It's a no brainer! Switching to waste-free lunches is a simple measure that benefits kids, parents, the environment and the bottom line.

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But here's the dilemma: Do you invest in a litterless lunch kit even if your child's current lunchbox is functional?

I generally land on the side of buy less, but this is one exception. (Thus the $200 waste-free lunch makeover giveaway I'm currently hosting — have you entered.)

Consider the following waste-free lunch stats:

  • Americans use 500-million plastic straws every day. (No need to look smug; I'm sure on a per capita basis we're on par here in Canada.)
  • The average student produces 27 kilograms of lunch waste each year. That's more than the average kindergarten student weighs.
  • Many lunchboxes aren't safe! A recent study by the Center for Environmental Justice HEJ shows that vinyl back‐to‐school supplies — including lunch kits — are laden with hidden toxic chemicals.

We have a perfect opportunity for people power! You — along with every other busy parent already packing school lunches in Canada — can fix this!

You can pack non-toxic litterless lunches. In doing so, you'll be socially responsible and you'll save money and change the world!

Better Back To School Brigade dishes on waste-free lunches

It's no wonder eco-bloggers and expert parents are flooding cyberspace with waste-free lunch menu suggestions, non-toxic shopping guides and ways to save money!

Still not convinced? You're going to fall off that fence and land smack in a BPA and phthalate-free bento-style lunch kit, once you have a look at what My Healthy Green Family discovered about the average school lunch!

So, the only thing left to manage is food scraps. Compost those and you'll have the ultimate green school (or work) lunch! (If no school program exists either start one or have food scraps brought home.)

Which leaves just one question: What do you do with the old-school lunch kit? I suggest repurposing it into art or nature exploration kit!

Waste-free lunch giveaway

Okay brigade, get to it. It's time to start a litterless lunch revolution!

To give you a swift (and very generous kick in the butt), I'm giving away $200 waste-free lunch makeover. Enter now!

Tovah Paglaro, a fellow Queen of Green

August 25, 2013

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Sep 12, 2013
8:16 PM

I take pride in sending my son to school with only containers that will come home to be washed and used again.

Aug 26, 2013
7:48 AM

We use the stackable tiffin containers that you see all over India. Keeps things hot or cold and there is no plastic at all.

Aug 25, 2013
9:15 PM


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