Photo: Hidden in nature: a better education!

In nature, there's a surprise hidden behind every blade of grass. (Credit: Tovah Paglaro)

We're a month into back-to-school — now it's time to get back outside!

All month I've found myself buried in waste-free lunches, non-toxic school supplies, hockey equipment and music books.

It's been non-stop. And in my head-spinning effort to do it all well, I may have neglected to take care of my kids!

They're fed and clothed and their heads are probably filling with math equations and verb conjugations, but they're stressed out. They don't seem happy. Neither am I.

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Sound familiar?

What we need is a dose of Vitamin N — some time in nature.

According to the results of this year's 30×30 Nature Challenge, spending 30 minutes in nature for 30 days results in an increased ability to concentrate, more energy and vitality and a significantly increased overall sense of well-being.

That's what I'm talking about!

Back-to-school has worn our family out and we need an infusion of fresh air, dirty boots and happy hearts!

Luckily the Fall Family Challenge is in mid-swing with fun weekly activities to help families carve time in nature into busy weekly schedules.

This week, we're sprouting socks and learning about the micro-organisms in our local ecology.

It may not be as big as finding a cure for cancer, but giving ourselves and our kids some time to breathe and explore just might lead to the sort of thinking that is.

Join me. We've gone back to school. Now, let's go back outside!

Tovah Paglaro, a fellow Queen of Green

October 5, 2013

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Oct 11, 2013
9:07 PM

I find myself becoming cynical the more I research, read, watch and listen what is happening to our earth. Stepping back and nature connecting with my family on our planet helps me to relax and slow down to appreciate the beauty that is still here. I find it makes me remember that it is not hopeless but hopeful and as long as I am doing my best to be a steward to my earth and connect with my community in a positive way I see the light. Look around we are connected and earth is what connects.

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